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Hudgames is a free online platform game platform founded in 2019 with the aim of building a game list with Infinity Speed, Freely Unblocked and AdsFriend technologies. In addition, we want to give players exciting games to bring the best experience to the players.

About Platform games

Platformer game is a game in which the character in the game runs and jumps in a game where there are many fixed levels of ground in the air (for example, Mario games). Although we have not seen games like this lately because the touch screens of phones sometimes create obstacles, especially when you have to spend part of the screen for the keyboard. However, this does not mean that you cannot create great platform games.

What are platform games?

Platform games can be called platformers. Platform Game, also is known as the game of the scene. Many people believe that this is a sub-genre of action games. The gameplay of these games involves mainly moving between different "floors" (or ground) by jumping between them (sometimes players will use other “tools” used to support jumping like swinging or seesaw).

Other traditional elements include running and climbing over stairs and cliffs. Moreover, Platform games often borrow elements from other genres such as action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, skills, shooting or running.

In the past platform, games were played on game consoles, and it is now popular on many different platforms, especially web games. It can be said that platform games are one of the earliest and most popular video game genres

The concept of platform games is now diversified into a variety of genres with a common core that is a game with multiple levels, and players will try to win and pass the stage.

Types of platform games in Hudgames


- Game action is the platform game with action elements. In this game genre, you will play the character - who will solve all problems with "fists", sometimes guns, swords, scythes, legs and anything that can use as weapons.

- Featured games can be mentioned: Bob the robber, Give up Robots, Raze, Vex and Zomtrobon.


- Platform Games with adventure elements: The game genre where your main job is to discover new maps, defeat enemies, collect items and level up. The player's goal is to complete all levels and defeat all bosses. Some games will allow you to customize characters, increase strength, and learn new skills and use new weapons. These games are often very interesting and they require a lot of player skills.

- Featured games are Achievements unlocked, Adventure island, Bubble trouble and I saw her standing there.


- Game arcade in Hudgames: This series is a form of traditional video game that was popular in previous decades in entertainment centers or on old console handhelds. Currently, the arcade is a light, easy-to-play game aimed at gamers who need quick entertainment between business hours or train rides.

- Featured games like Fireboy and watergirl, Trap Adventure 2, Doodle jump and Donkey kong


- Puzzle-platform video games emphasize solving puzzles. Types of puzzles come in many different forms, such as logic, pattern recognition, .... Players may have to work hard to solve puzzles in limited time, or use the information provided to solve difficult situations. In these games, players will try to get a high score to set a new record or complete the level.

- Featured games can be mentioned: Bad ice cream, Cargo bridge, Red ball and Snail bob.


- As the name suggests: "Running game". Running game is a platform game with motion elements such as running continuously or running to try to reach as far as possible, to avoid obstacles or monsters. Once you encounter an obstacle, you can lose in this game. The farther you run, the higher your score in this game.

- Featured games can be mentioned for this platform: Give up, Run 3 and Tunnel rush


- Like the Running game, Name of "shooting game" says it all. This is the platform game accompanied by shooting elements. Most of this series will take us to shoot fields, or forests, and our shooting objects are also diverse from animals to zombies, even humans.

- Featured games can be mentioned: Gun mayhem, Plazma burst and Strike force heroes


- Skill game is the platform game that requires you to have many skills to overcome the game. This is a combination of Adventure game and puzzle game. You need to combine your ingenuity and intelligence to end the game.

- Featured games can be mentioned: Papa louie, Rolling sky, The floor is lava and This is the only level

Why is Hudgames special?

How is Hudgames different from other gaming platform sites? Here, we focus on bringing our customers' joys, convenience and safety. And that is Goldy Games, Infinity Speed, Freely Unblocked and AdsFriend. If you want to find detail, please continue reading.

Bring happiness to everyone

H in HUD is "Happy"

Here, we are always interested in user experience, website code optimization, and so on, technology 4.0 to bring speed "Infinity Speed - the fastest optimal speed" for our games.

You can access all our games through your browser window, without downloading so you will have no worries about malware or viruses, and so on. It can be said that Hudgames is a safe and reliable place for you to experience the game.

Are you looking for unblocked games?

Continued, U in HUD is "Unlimited" that uses "Freely Unblocked" technology to ensure the game can be played at school, work or anywhere even when you are abroad without being blocked. That ensures your experience is always through without any limitations or barriers.

Goldy games hot update daily

- Like H and U, D in HUD thinks "Daily" - the "Goldy Games" are managed by a team of administrators who are passionate about games, play games every day. It confirms that our games here have been carefully selected and updated daily. You will always enjoy the best games without worrying about factors such as violence, blood, sex, politics, fear, and so on.

- In addition to content control, we control our website ads with AdsFriend technology for the best experience. If there are Popups with harmful content displayed, we will provide the necessary actions to eliminate these bad situations by contacting the advertisers to resolve this issue.

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