Fighting Games is one of a genre of the video games industry where most of the games will be based around the battle floor where 02 players have to face one-on-one and fight against each other in close-range combat to find out who is the best. Each match will have several rounds (normally will be 03) and time per round will be limited. So either you finish your opponent on time or when the time is up, the person who has more Health (or Stamina) bar than the other, will be the Winner.

What are Fighting Games?

There are various types of Fighting Games, from martial arts games to Superheroes fighting game, even Anime (or Cartoon) versus video games, etc. The similar thing about these games is that the players are able to execute special skills, movements, special attacks by performing specific buttons combinations for each in-game character.

One of the first pioneer of this type, which is the Street Fighters series from Capcom. Following the success of Street Fighters, later on, there are many other video games also have their own unique special attacks for their characters including Raze, Plazma Burst, Rogue Soul 2, etc. 

Fighting Games are pretty fun to play side by side with friends but not all games that suitable for all ages. There are some Fighting Games that contain blood and gore effects that parents should be advised before letting their kids play. However, if you are looking for a safe place to enjoy Fighting Games, then we suggest you should pay a visit to!