Needs of thrilling and exciting games have always been at its peak, which leads to the release of various Avoid Games every year. Talking about some popular Avoid Games, we can quickly mention some amazing video games such as Bob The Robber, Tunnel Rush, and more. You can learn more about them now!

Avoid Games are games that bring the player into a multi-challenging environment. The player needs to avoid barriers such as deadly creatures and enemies to survive. For example, in the classic game Snakes, the player has to control his Snake to stay away from the walls, or else he will end up his character's life immediately. In some later versions of Snakes, the Snake commits suicide once it fails to avoid its tail.

The logic of Avoid Games can sometimes be ridiculous, but we still find it attractive in a strange way. Maybe all of us love to challenge ourselves with unbelievable quests, and when we are able to surpass them, we can feel the excitement of victory.