Believe it or not, the list of 5 minute Games we offer you today will soon be considered as a sweet treat by yourself. Are you ready for the next amazing 5 minutes?

Just like their names indicated, 5 minute Games are games that have the gameplay lasting for only 5 minutes. You will have the chance to have fun with various games in a short time, which makes your gameplays become a bit hurry but worthy.

Why? Because rather than spending all day long with your devices and try hard to come out on top of one video game, you can now explore the entire library of thousands of video game! Let’s make a small calculation, and if each game takes you only 5 minutes to finish it, then in one hour, you will have the chance to accomplish 54 games!

In addition to that, the 5 minute Games we offer are amazingly fun, some contain board game, while some are hilarious adventures. Do you want to play them now? Let’s go!