Back in the 1950s, when the first generation of the computers we use today was something huge, 2D Games were created with super simple gameplays. What's fascinating about the genre with kind of essential elements like that?

2D Games are games that base on 2-dimensional graphics. The designs in these video games seem like they step out from the animated movies. 2D Games can come with multiple different sub-categories such as Fighting, RPG, Survival, Horror, Space, Shooting, Car, Zombie, and even more.

Some widespread Fighting 2D Games has been blowing everyone's mind up for years such as Fireboy and Watergirl, Bob the Robber and VVVVVV. The good thing about 2D Games is that they don't require incredible CPU and even when you don't have such fancy devices, you still can rock almost every 2D Games that you like.

As time passes, the gaming field has been changed rapidly, but 2D Games can never be replaced since there're still many 2D Games be produced year by year. Let's start your retro adventure with these 2D Games now!