Jobs is a browser games platform.We now reach 1 million monthly active users and we're growing to 10 million and beyond. New challenges and new opportunities – every single day.

Company culture

We are a young and fast-growing company. We’re all entrepreneurs that want to get things done. Every day we take on new challenges and learn by doing, we take initiative and approach our work with a proactive attitude.We’re kids of all ages, and love what we do. Challenging work, a smart team, and the opportunity to impact tens of millions of users with your work.
Every day we try new things and learn by doing. In an environment where it’s ok not to get it right the first time. And we have some fun along the way.
Great work thrives in freedom. And freedom comes with the responsibility to do great work. We take ownership over time and tools and share learnings as we go.


When you grow, we grow. We encourage and support attending international conferences, events, trainings, workshops, and more.
Working at Hudgames means working with a skilled and educated team. We offer the opportunity to increase your knowledge and improve your skills through exciting and varied projects.
We trust you to manage your productivity. So we don’t have set working hours or a specific remote work policy. It’s up to you to know how and where you do your best work.
If you would like to apply, email your CV and information mentioned on the job details page to or contact in our Linkedin.