About Hudgames.com

More information about hudgames.com

Hudgames (also known as Platform Games Hudgames) is a cool site about platform games, where will bring you Happy, Unlimited and Daily (are three acronyms in HUDgames). With Hudgames, you will have four unique concepts that you will not find on any other gaming sites: Goldy Games, Infinity Speed, Freely Unblocked, and AdsFriend. Hudgames will provide you with a list of quality games, so, it confirms that our games here have been carefully selected and updated daily. With our unique technologies, we want to give players exciting games to bring them the best experience.

Our website is the world's first and most comprehensive platform gaming site. We are one of the leading gaming platforms to develop and apply state of the art 4.0 technologies such as html5, flash, unity, WebGL, WebAssembly, and so on. This makes it possible for players to play games on the browser without downloading to PC or Mobile. You will be able to play the game in the most powerful and fast way with Infinity Speed, it will help give users the best experience.

Our Team

  • Founder - Jonathan Nguyen: is the founder of HudGames.
  • CEO - Tika Hai: who is responsible for building the Hudgames community with all members.
  • CTO - Sabih Dao: is the person who talks all about the technology, making sure the site can operate stably. 
  • CFO - Katherine Nguyen: is the person in charge of finance, ensure everything can happen continuously at a reasonable cost.
  • COO - Luca Nguyen: is the team manager and game developer.
  • CPO - Philip Nguyen: who is responsible for posting and managing games on the website.
  • Game experts - Jeff Nguyen - In charge of searching and testing games.
  • Content advisor - Linda Nguyen: In charge of information, tips and tricks of games.

Our Vision

- Our biggest vision is to build the world's largest platform games community, where people can freely play their favorite platform games for free online on the browser anywhere. With "Freely Unblocked" technology, this ensures your experience is always through without any limitations or barriers.

- In addition, we confirm that our games here have been carefully selected and updated daily. You will always enjoy the best games without worrying about factors such as violence, blood, sex, politics, fear, and so on. Thus, you can find the game that suits you, and you will be immersed in it.

- Moreover, we always put the player's safety first. You can access all our games through your browser window, without downloading so you will have no worries about malware or viruses, and so on. It can be said that Hudgames is a safe and reliable place for you to experience the game.

- We control our website ads with AdsFriend technology for the best experience. If there are Popups with harmful content displayed, we will provide the necessary actions to eliminate these bad situations by contacting the advertisers to resolve this issue.

- If you have any problems or questions you want to share with us, don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.