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About the game:

Zos is an adventure / pixelated platform game with numerous missions to complete and various places to discover. In this game, you can battle mysterious creatures, strong monsters and use mythical weapons as well.

The main character, Zos, will be traveling far and wide to uncover secrets, obtain different herbs and orbs, even mixing them to create potions (but beware of the clue also, because not all combinations work, according to master Movo).

As your playing Zos, you will receive a lot of clues concerning the monsters in the observatory section. So, your side mission is to interact with civilians to obtain as many clues as you can. This pixelated game has very smooth movements and cool backgrounds so you can explore a lot of parts in the game while checking it out. The main idea is just to explore different planets, collect and mix potions while battling space monsters.

Zos Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use left and right arrow key to move back and forth
  • Use up arrow key to jump
  • Use down arrow key to interact with humans, your pet dog, obtain ingredients and open doors

Zos - How to play

Control of Zos

Tips and tricks:

  • Stop by civilians to read what they have to say
  • You can play fetch with your pet dog
  • “!” will pop up at any interactable object, so look closely as you walk

Zos Walkthrough