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Game Introduction:

Hi, there! I just really want to tell you that Zombotron is a fantastic game that you must check out now! In this game, you somehow ended up in an apocalyptic world called Zombotron, a planet swarming with monsters. Your mission, whether you like it or not, is to finish all the enemies here. Can you make it just on your own? Let's see in Zombotron Unblocked. Click here to play now!

About the game:

Zombotron is an interesting online action game. Its coding and programming are developed by AntKarlov, who also created many great games like Soony, Flight!, and Soda Dungeon, to name a few. You should check them out, they're super awesome! Anyway, back to Zombotron. In this game, you'll be playing as Blaze Rush, a space mercenary who is desperate for a something to do. After following a signal to a strange planet, you decided to land on that planet and see what's it like down there. Unfortunately, you discover that it is nothing but a dead site filled with human-mutants. With no chance to get out, now you must face the challenge of your destiny and kill off all those atrocious monsters!

The beginners may feel a little tough playing Zombotron for the first time, since the game only gives you a small number of bullets and so you need highly accurate shots. But don't worry, buy items and upgrade yourself in the shop later. Oh, you don't how to find that shop? To be honest, I'm not sure either. What I can tell is that the shop lies somewhere in the tunnels, under the form of a television. You might run into in without any expectation, so save up some cash so you can buy more weapons at any time!

Although the levels differ in many perspectives, your mission in the levels is consistent. Kill all the unlucky monsters standing on your way using weapons your own fantastic skills, and get to the destination alive. The type of monsters here is very diverse, and each type has its own features that you might want to check out. For instance, some have real fast speed, while some walk like a turtle; some can cause long-range damage with their spears, some can bring about serious damage, or, you know, both. Knowing their traits will help you know how to deal with them more effectively. For example, I would step back a bit if I was dealing with speedy enemies. Last but not least, to level up, you have to get through the most dreadful monster of the level: the final boss! Remember to save your strength and stamina to deal with him in the last minutes. Because, if you are defeated, you have to start from all over the level again. And starting from over again definitely doesn't sound so good to a player who did everything to get to the final boss.

It may surprise you, but there are only ten levels. But don't think that you're gonna finish them in a row without any difficulties. Monsters will get stronger and denser, so get yourself ready. And if you think the game is too easy for you, let's turn the difficult mode on! This mode is well-designed only for pros and ambitious players. Have you got what it takes to conquer this hard mode? Let's try and see. Furthermore, there are extra missions in every level for you, too. And to be honest, those sound like the impossible! Check them out and see how many you can achieve.

In this game, moving forward is not enough. Zombotron forces you to explore the hidden areas where useful items hide. Go search for any corners, and see if you can get anything from there. You might find legendary weapons you've never dreamt of! The zombies are getting harder to take down eventually, so you must arm up, too.

One of the brilliant things about Zombotron is its music and graphics. The combination of the sounds of the ghastly zombies and realistic gun make the adventure more thrilling than ever. While I play this, the sounding effects did give me some chills. Moreover, the game has a retro touch to its graphics, and I know you're gonna love it!

In a nutshell, this game is perfect, from the operation to the graphics and sounding effects. Don't hesitate, my friend, go and play Zombotron, it's wonderful!

Zombotron Unblocked:

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How to play:

You can control this game using your mouse and keyboard. Here's the detail instruction:

Move your mouse to aim and shoot. This lets you shoot at any angle. Use:

  • A, D to move left and right.
  • E, F, S to perform actions.
  • W or Spacebar to jump.
  • Q to switch weapons.
  • R to reload the gun.
  • H to use the first aid kit.
  • Esc or P to pause the game.

Zombotron - How to play

Control of Zombotron

Tips and tricks:

  • If you're not familiar with the game control keys, you can customize them in Options.
  • Go for the unknown areas in the game because it contains rewards, which will improve your survivability directly or indirectly. Remember, the finest weapons and armors can only be found in those secret areas. With those dreadful weapons, you're gonna rock!
  • You know, the elevators are not only for getting to different grounds. If used with perfect timing, you can crush those zombies with the elevators!
  • Big monsters need big weapons. To deal with the toughest enemies, blow them up with bombs or grenades.
  • Try to make some awesome headshots as they earn you more points while doing heavier damage to the monsters. Or, you know, just go and blast them with grenades.