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Zed is an interesting puzzle game with simple goals and various challenges to overcome. In this game, you are the main character: Zed, your mission is to overcome dangerous obstacles to collect all the yellow ones, which will help you fulfill Zed's dream.

About the game:

The story of the game:

The game will tell you a story about Zed. He is an android, but unlike other androids, Zed always has special dreams whenever he sleeps, the dream is that he has a spacesuit made of gold. To pursue that, he must collect as much gold as possible. He will collect them in gold mines, deep in the underworld. By controlling the jump up, left, right you will guide Zed to collect gold everywhere in the underground, where he will face potentially dangerous creatures that can breathe fire as well. In addition, this journey is very hard and extreme.


Zed Unblocked has fascinating and engaging gameplay. This is not only a game that requires dexterity but it is a game that also requires you to brainstorm a lot to overcome obstacles. In addition, the manipulation to control Zed characters in the game is also very easy, you just need to press the arrow keys to control Zed.


Zed Unblocked has a very beautiful graphics background with high visibility. The colors of the objects in the game are very sharp and beautiful. Besides, the characters such as Zed, marbles, monsters, and obstacles, which all have very smooth and realistic design details. Moreover, the movements of the character are very real, it will make you feel controlled and transformed into a character in the game. You will be completely attracted to an adventure world full of interesting things when playing this game. Another thing is that you can play this game in full screen mode without fear of losing graphics.


The soundtrack of the game is very scary, it gives you the feeling of adventure and thrill. Also, the sound of drops of water will make you even more nervous. But in return, the game has a very funny sound when you eat gold and blue marbles that helps you feel more relaxed and not nervous when playing games.

The interesting challenges:

Zed Unblocked is one of the most addictive games today. Are you looking for a great puzzle game? This game will not disappoint you because it is very interesting. It also helps you improve your reflex skills and even your thinking ability because you have to calculate accurately to avoid obstacles and collect gold. You will become stronger and more skilled. However, there are many traps in front of you, so you need to be careful not to die.

The game also has difficult challenges, through each round, you will face challenges and obstacles more difficult. There are other obstacles, such as spikey coverages and hardly visible blocks which help to reach the gold pieces. Stay alive and watch out for the declining energy bar above, which tells you whether Zed still has enough energy to keep going.

The rule of the game:

In the game, you have to collect blue marbles to get points, collect more blue marbles, the more points you get. In addition, you have to take more yellow balls, which will help you a lot in each round. In addition, in each round you have 3 lives that will help you revive 3 times, if you die for the 4th time, the game will end and you have to play again from the beginning. After each round you will get the total score, the total score will help you get high motivation on the rankings.

Things in the game:

Zed: he is a funny and powerful android. He can jump high through the rocks, jump far away and run very fast. However, Zed cannot attack monsters as well as destroy obstacles. Therefore, you need to guide Zed to jump, move left and right skillfully.

The Gold mines: this is considered to be the decisive factor for Zed to pass the rounds. Through each round of play, increasingly open golds, and increasing difficulty, it requires you to be skillful.

The Monsters: they are very angry. In the first round, you will face right away with a monster, which is harmless, you just need to jump up and pass it. But more and more, the monsters are no longer harmless. Instead, the other monsters are more aggressive, which are capable of spraying fire, surprisingly attacking you.

The Obstacles: they are the hardest thing about this game, which is annoying traps. You will be very difficult to overcome them because they are not standing still. Therefore, you must be calm and calm to calculate the exact time to pass them.

The Blue marbles: Blue marbles will give you extra points after each round. However, they will also make it difficult for you to play in each round because they are not placed in locations you can easily get. In addition, they are guarded by monsters.

The gold: they are things to help you through other rounds. You must collect 3 golds in 1 round to be able to cross the round and proceed to the next round.

Describe each round:

In each round, you will have to overcome obstacles, monsters and collect gold and get blue as much as possible. In the first round, you only need to collect gold and blue marbles. However, in round 2, you face obstacles and fire-spraying monsters. Also, in round 2, you will have to pass it two doors: the main door and the side door. You must collect the key to open the side door and collect gold to open the main door.

Zed Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use left and right arrow key to move

Use up arrow key to jump

Tips and tricks:

  • You can use the “P” key to pause
  • Or try “S” key to moderate sound
  • Avoid evil creatures, you cannot jump on them to defeat
  • Don’t jump on spikey areas either, they’ll drain your energy

Zed Walkthrough