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Worm Food

About game:

Worm Food is an excellent video game for anyone who is in love with insects, especially worms. The storyline opens up a magical world where there is a worm monster. In this Platform, Adventure, Worm, and Action video game, you can control the worm monster. As the game allows the worm to reach the high places and avoid obstacles, you will need to learn about the right time to perform those actions.
The game provides you with a complete instruction, which helps you to conquer the challenges in the game even more comfortable. However, the game world is a mystery treasure to you, which means you will have to discover it all, manage your moves before you start to plan some useful strategies. You only finish one level when the worm accomplishes the mission of devouring all the villagers it sees.
The game supports the Score system, as you earn scores for what you achieve. Besides, you also need to locate the villagers by using the mini-map. If you want to avoid all the dangerous objects that can kill the worm monster, you will need the help of the mini-map as well. Worm Food brings in the classical graphics. You will soon get used to the system of Worm Food and enjoy it too!

Worm Food Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the left and right keys to change the direction of the worm.
Press the up key to accelerate and down key to slow it down.

Worm Food - How to play

Control of Worm Food

Tips and tricks:

Watch the walkthrough video if you cannot figure the game out after reading the in-game instruction.
Enabling the sound of the game helps to fill you up with the energy to make it to the last level.

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Worm Food Walkthrough