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About this game:

Do you want to try something new and have no idea to try? Why don’t you play Wired? This platform game is worth trying. This game is the combination of 3D graphics, platform and educational. It is developed by The University of Cambridge Department of Engineering.

Playing Wired will help you know more about electricity. All you have to do the game is to listen to the instructor’s guide and to deal with the puzzles. After finishing the mission, you will move to other rooms and complete the next one. The game is harder and harder, but i think you can overcome. Try your best to complete as many rooms as you can.

The graphic of this game is simple and also is designed differently unlike other games. It will make you feel more curious about the game. Otherwise, the soundtrack is extremely great. This game is available to everyone that you can let your children play. Honestly, I’m really into this game and I think you do, too.   

Wired Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Press A and D to move the character.
  • Press E to replay film and to start wiring, press W to jump.
  • If you want to go down, you can press S.
  • Press ESC to pause.
  • To wire up the machines, you can use the mouse.

Wired - How to play

Control of Wired

Tips and tricks:

  • Follow every guide that the instructor gives in the video.
  • Use your knowledge of electricity which will help you a lot and solve the puzzles.

Wired Walkthrough