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About game

Wipo is a platform video game developed by Qalamar. In this game, you will control a red box which can only move forward. Your main goal is to reach the last level with the least number of deaths.

There are 20 levels in this one button game. Each level comes with a different map. Your cute box will move very fast from the left side of the screen trying to reach the right side of the screen to complete the level and move to another one. The map is filled with many traps and other hazards. You have to help it from getting killed by the obstacles or you will have to start the level all over again.

This puzzle-skill platform game gives you three background options. Each option is a combination of colors which will definitely attract your eyes. Powered by HTML technology this minimalism game will bring you a smooth experience in any browser you prefer.

Wipo Unblocked

You can find Wipo Unblocked at and play it without any charge. is a safe website with a stable and robust transmission where you can find many exciting free video games. Have fun!

How to play

Use Space key or Left Mouse to go forward.

Wipo - How to play

Control of Wipo

Tips and tricks

  • Holding the Space key or Left Mouse to keep moving.
  • Be patient! No one can master a game at the first time.

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