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William and Sly 2

About William and Sly 2:

Welcome to william and sly 2, one of the best action and adventure video games which is developed by Kajenx. These gnomes stole the magazine of your master and the pages were scattered all over the mountains! Again, you need to help your master collect all the pages. Because you are a smart fox and you can move skillfully. Help your master because he loves that magazine.

The map will be full of caves. And the gnomes will use these dissolution spells to hide them from you. On the way, you can collect Faityflies to use fireworks, light up ... Remember that you need to eat 100 mushrooms in this game. These mushrooms will be in random locations on the map. Some mushrooms will be in front of you and some will be in secret caves. However, there are also some mushrooms in the chests and you need the keys to open them.

You can start from the storage cave right across from the starting point. It looks like a solid wall but it’s not. Try to walk into it and the spell will break. Remember that the Ohnem are mysterious creatures. They are known to grant strange powers to those in their favour. Just do what they ask and you might be one of the lucky few. And if you are stuck, turn on the mini-map as a walkthrough feature in the game. Good luck and have fun!

William and Sly 2 unblocked:

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How to play:

Use WASD or ARROWS to move and M to mute!

William and Sly 2 - How to play

Control of William and Sly 2

Tips and tricks:

  • Just do what Ohnem ask and maybe you will have strange powers.
  • Hold the up key to jump higher.

We can't deny that William and Sly 2 is really an excellent platform game. However, in addition to it, Bob The Robber 4 season 1 and season 2 are also excellent names.

William and Sly 2 Walkthrough