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William and Sly

About William and Sly:

Welcome to William and Sly, a great action and adventure video game which is developed by Kajenx. This game will bring you to a fairy world full of mysteries. In this game, you control a fox. Your master is studying a map and he is having trouble with the Runestones. These Runestones he used to teleport to the old storage cave ware deactivated and he don’t know the reason. So you have to turn them back. With simple 2D graphics and interesting storyline, this game will give you a great feeling.

On the way, you can eat mushrooms as your favorite dish. You need to gather the Fairyflies but to do it you have to watch out for Darklings, they love Fairyflies too much. These Darklings can even attack you and they've done that to your master a few days before. When you light a Runestone, you will get a charge that will banish any Darklings near you. So keep an eye out and get rid of as many as you can.

Something weird is going on so be careful out there. Once you've collected some Runestones, bring them to your master. Note that along the way you can collect keys to open chests. There are several hidden paths to help you collect special items. Good luck and have fun!

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How to play:

Use WASD or ARROWS to move and SHIFT to toggle the status screen.

William and Sly - How to play

Control of William and Sly

Tips and tricks:

If you see a mushroom in a blocked area, there is definitely a hidden road nearby.

When you light a Runestone, you will get a charge that will banish any Darklings near you.

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William and Sly Walkthrough