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Welcome to VVVVVV which is developed by Terry Cavanagh. This is one of the most unique 8 bit 2D puzzle platform video games. There was a group of scientists working inside a spaceship until it crashed. Viridian is the only scientist who can escape this incident but he is lost in a strange dimension. The entire crew has been imprisoned and Viridian's mission is to rescue them. Interesting point in this game is that Viridian can change gravity to move on different lanes in space ship. You will control Viridian and find ways to help him! Remember that you can't jump, although you can move.

About game:

The context of VVVVVV begins with a short introduction. An incident happened and the spaceship was damaged. Someone had intentionally destroyed the space ship and in an attempt to escape, scientists used an instant teleportation device. Unfortunately, when things get messy, Viridian is separated from the rest. Viridian is also the only person who is not imprisoned and you will control him. Your first task in this game is to go through Space Station 1, rescue Violet and other members. After that, you will arrive at D.S.S. Souleye. Finally, you will discover secrets about the attack and try to rescue all your friends.

VVVVVV games have many different endings, depending on your actions during the gameplay. However, there are some endings that I know through my experience:

  • After Viridian rescues Violet at Space Station 1 and he continues to rescue two more teammates along the way, all of them will need to find one more person to use the teleportation machine.
  • After Viridian rescues Violet at Space Station 1 and he continues to rescue 3 more comrades along the way, they will still need to find someone to use the teleportation machine.
  • After Viridian rescues all his friends, you can enter the final level. Here, Viridian will learn about the secrets of the attack and then he can escape alone.
  • After you control Viridian to complete the finel level, the game ends.

Unlike other platforming video games, in VVVVVV, you control Viridian, you can move but you can't jump. You can only reverse the direction of gravity when standing on a safe surface. Use this feature effectively to help Viridian not to touch any dangers along the way (spike paths, or red moving signs). This is Viridian's only skill and you must use it to overcome the obstacles. Although you will feel excited about the game's 8-bit graphics and cool music, the challenges you have to overcome are not that simple.

When you control Viridian and go deep inside the Space Station, the areas will move to hinder you. You have to timing accurately every time you reverse the gravity direction. Besides, you can use moving floors and moving walls. When Viridian touches an edge of the screen, he will appear on the other side. On the way, you will see the "C" icons. Touch them because they are useful save-points.

VVVVVV has a total of eight main levels. The game has a high difficulty level and you have to make a lot of effort to pass the challenge, even if it is in level 1. In VVVVVV there is a sad elephant. You can call it a cute elephant in the room, or a big crying elephant. It appears in four rooms near the Space Station. These elephants blink constantly from one color to another.

If you stand near the elephant for a short time, the character Captain Viridian will be sad and you feel like he is crying (maybe he misses his partner or he feels desperate). This elephant is just a decorative detail. It does not have any function in video game VVVVVV. However, because it's so cute, its image has caused many discussions on social networks. People always talk about it. They asked about the reason it appeared. They are curious about an elephant on the Space Station. They suspect that it has a function to help the main character ...

Talking about the gravity mechanism of VVVVVV. Cavanagh first revealed the VVVVVV video game on his blog in June 2009. Developer Cavanagh said he used this idea as a core concept of VVVVVV. And it has provided an interesting experience for anyone playing this game. He takes about 2 weeks to create this game and he wants it to have gameplay similar to the C64 games he played when he was young. Cavanagh thought this game would be very hot in about 2 years. However, it has been a popular game for many years and it inspired many other video games.

I've played this great flash video game many times and I still can't beat it (lol). If you are looking for a game about the levels, game map, 8 bit characters... then you can try VVVVVV. The music in the game is quite interesting and it was created by Swedish composer Magnus Pålsson. Although this is only a demo version with the first 2 levels, it is really interesting. In case you want to experience the full game, visit Good luck and have fun!

VVVVVV Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to move, W/up arrow or Z/space bar to reverse the Captain Viridian's gravity.

VVVVVV - How to play

Control of VVVVVV Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • When you want to overcome an obstacle, you need to change the gravity direction. However, make sure Captain Viridian will fall into a secure flat position. If he touches spikes or any danger, the game will end.
  • Try to touch the save points (C icon), they are the place where you will respawn after you die.
  • Timing is an important factor every time you want to overcome a danger. You must combine Timing with Gravity. Sometimes you have to move while gravity is changing because your bottom (or above) is an unsafe area.
  • Challenges in VVVVVV are very difficult to overcome but not impossible. You need to make effort and move reasonably to overcome an obstacle. If you can't pass a certain scene in VVVVVV, see our video walkthrough below. It gives very clear instructions.
  • Open the speaker when playing this game because its music is really good. You should also play VVVVVV Unblocked in full screen mode for a perfect experience!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to save VVVVVV?

There is an option to save in the menu when you press ENTER.

The game is also saved when you pass an instant teleport.

  • How long to beat?

The fastest achievement is recorded as 26 minutes and the longest is 30 hours and 6 minutes.

VVVVVV Walkthrough