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Vex 2

About the Game:

Brought to you by and developed by Amazing Adam, Vex 2 is a high-quality Platform game that has been played for more than 3 million times. This game is very addictive and easy to play, suitable for all ages. The moment you click on the Start Game button, you will learn how to play right away because the in-game instructions were designed pretty straight forward. Spending 05 minutes with Tutorial stage and you will be ready for 02 hours marathon. The game has 01 stage of Tutorial and 10 challenge Stages thatwill make you want to keep playing it over and over again to reach to 05 stars and highest score!

In Vex 2 Unblocked, all you need to do is to control your character to cross over obstacles and reach to the next stage. There are many kinds of obstacle that will challenge you along the way, from platforms, blades, spinning gears, etc. Also, in this game, the player could change the in-game Gravity by pulling the level at the right place and right time. The Blue level will decrease the gravity, make you jump higher and Red level will increase the Gravity, make you jump lower than normal.

If you feel that 10 stages are not enough for you, then Vex 2 Unblocked also provide to you a Stage Builder mode where you could design your own stage and challenge your friends.

Vex 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use A, S, D, W or Arrow keys for basic movements.

Run and press S or Down-arrow key to perform a Slide.

Vex 2 - How to play

Control of Vex 2

Tips and tricks:

Login with your Facebook or Twitter account in order to save your progress for the next time.

If you feel that this game is not challenging enough, there are 30 extra Achievements waiting for you. To see The Achievement list, click on the Cup icon on the left corner of your screen.

Look at the number of players as well as the percent of like, we easily realize that Vex 2, Code Red and Worm Food are the three most prominent games on Hudgames

Vex 2 Walkthrough