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Welcome to Vex which is developed by Amazing Adam and published by Microwave Games. In this adventure video game, you control a stickman. Your mission is very simple: overcome the obstacles in the map and run to the exit door safely to complete the levels. With each level being a complicated terrain and increasing difficulty, Vex really gives you excitement and challenges.

About game:

In Vex, you can run, jump, wall-jump, double-jump, or take advantage of the properties of some special objects in the map to bypass complex terrain and complete the levels. You will be faced with dangerous roads that are full of saw blades, deep areas (where you have to use skills to cling to the wall to pass), and pillars (that can fall on your head at any time if you don't pay attention to them). Because you are a stickman, you are very fast and you can jump quite far. You can also perform wall-jump skill perfectly. Just remember this skill every time you face high walls.

On the way, you will see the arrows. If it is a downward arrow, it is an unsafe place. When you go through it (or you jump on it), it will fall down and if you don't move to another position for now, you will fall down with it. If you see an upward arrow, it's an interesting block. It has the effect like a giant spring and if you jump on it, it will help you fly up to a much higher position than your normal jump. In addition, Vex also brings you to other interesting areas, typically water. You will have to swim and overcome some underwater obstacles to move to the exit door.

Check point is a useful feature in the game. Every time you see a red flag, it is the check point. When you go through them, they will turn green. This is your new respawn position if you die. When you enter the level, the time will run. Try to move to the exit door safely in the shortest time to reach the Golden point. A Silver or Bronze result will prove that you are not a professional Vex player yet.

The best part of Vex is the blocks (according to the developer). Blocks in the game have many different colors, and they have their own abilities. Standard Block: they are gray, and are normal blocks without effects. Falling Block: they are purple. They will fall when you touch them. Bounce Block: they are orange. They have a spring effect that helps you fly higher when you jump on them. Up Block: they are red. They move vertically, and go up slowly. Down Block: they are blue. They move vertically, and go down slowly. Horizontal Block: they are green. These blocks move horizontally at a slow speed. Ice Block: they are light blue and they are very slippery. When you touch these blocks, they will be melted at a slow speed. Push Block: these blocks are brown. If you want to be pushed to the left or to the right, look for these blocks. Zoom Block (Teal): The effects of these blocks are quite interesting. They help you accelerate when you're standing. And finally the Ha Block. They are pink and they will turn invisible when you step up.

Next, you will have to get used to the obstacles in Vex Unblocked. These dangers are often red and their purpose is to kill you. So, you need to move wisely and timing accurately to overcome them. If you touch them, you will die instantly. The first is Spike. If you touch the spike even if it's a light touch, you'll die. Next is the "× 16 Spike". This is a long fence; and it has 16 spikes. Spinning Fan: similar to the spike, you will die instantly if you come into contact with these obstacles. When you see a Bouncing Shuriken Gun, try to avoid them. They launched shurikens in a certain direction. Shuriken Slit is also a dangerous obstacle when it creates shurikens. Buzzsaw: they can spin and kill you. Buzzsaw Mace: this is an upgraded version of Buzzsaw. It spins very fast and creates small tremors. Quadrant: these objects will spin with a shuriken on each side. Reacting Spike: these spikes move in an unstable direction; they will change their direction when touching the wall. Extending Buzzsaw are traps that can enlarge and shrink its size. You will be very hard to avoid them. Moving Buzzsaw will move from the left to the right. And the final obstacle is Gun. This is a very difficult obstacle. When you get close to the Gun, they will fire at you. So put your finger on the jump button to dodge them as soon as possible.

In Vex 1, if you feel that you can't cross an area, just check the video walkthrough. We have complete instructions for each level in this game. With this video and then you will feel the game a bit easier! This is one of the best adventure games about stickman. If you want to experience Vex on mobile, you can download its Android version with 40 different levels (increasing difficulty), 75 unlockable character skins, and the leader-board records of those other online players. With simple graphics, lightweight, and can be played on any web browser (because this is a flash game), you can easily experience Vex video game with a computer and an internet connection. Consider before you allow children to play this game because it has some violent scenes! Good luck and have fun!

Vex Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move the stickman, M to mute the music, R to reset the game, and Q to quit.

Vex - How to play

Control of Vex Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Try to reach the nearest checkpoint so you don't have to overcome the old obstacles.
  • If you see a key, just collect it as soon as you can. The key will help you open locked blocks.
  • Stay away from the Death Zone. They are invisible and they will kill you as soon as you touch them.
  • Move at a fast pace and then press the down button or the S button to slide and pass the narrow slots.
  • If you want to jump over an abyss, please timing exactly when you jump and hold the jump button to get the longest distance. The position where you jump will determine whether you can cross an abyss!
  • Play Vex Unblocked with full screen mode to get a full feel of this game!

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Vex Walkthrough