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About the game:

VCR is a game released by Brendennerd, which belongs to the category of puzzle, discovery, platform, and robot game. In this game, you will transform into a robot with human-like movements. This is a VCR, and you have to use its power to overcome challenges.

Your robot can run, jump, and control objects to complete challenges. You will have to bypass the electronic gates by pressing and holding the red button for the door to open. Each round is timed if you want to get a high score, complete the challenge as soon as possible.

You also can change the worldview of this area, stop the time, which will make it easier for you to move around and complete the challenge soon. Are you ready to join this game? It is suitable for all ages, all genders, so do not hesitate anymore, let's unite! Let's see how you perform in this game!

VCR Unblocked: is a site suitable for playing VCR Unblocked because of its convenience. You will not have to worry about the security or smoothness of the website. Join us to experience it!

How to play:

  • Use the AWD key to move and jump
  • Press and hold the left mouse button to control objects
  • Use the Q key to pause time
  • Use the R key to restart the game
  • Use the E key to rewind time

VCR - How to play

Control of VCR

Tips and tricks:

  • Use the blocks in the game to hold the red button, which will press for you
  • When stuck, you do not find a way out, restart the game round