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About the game:

Twee is a simple platform game with smoothly pixelated animation and movement, along with simple, adorable character design and a joyful track. As you’re playing, there's a backstory to why a bear is on an adventure as well. Tweeny, Twee’s girlfriend bear has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature, and the glimpse of a big animal running away is the only clue we’ve got. But this isn't a mystery-solving game so no worries. All you have to do is go through a series of rounds where you’ll potentially face creatures like crabs and birds.

But do not encounter them as they’ll take your lives. You’ve got 3 lives for each round and some bonus ones if you hit the mid-air blocks. You can also receive other artifacts that have different abilities to your bear Twee. Remain alive until you’ve arrived at the final destination of each round is the main point. Then you’ll reach a certain level where you finally know who captured Tweeny.

Twee Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Left and right arrow key to move back and forth
  • Up arrow key to jump
  • “P” key to pause the game

Twee - how to play

Control of Twee

Tips and tricks:

  • Avoid birds and crabs even if they look harmless
  • Don’t fall into the water or spiky areas
  • Use “0” if you want to mute the sound

Twee Walkthrough