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Tunnel Rush


Welcome to Tunnel Rush which is developed by Deer Cat. This is a fast paced reflex free video game. In this game, you control a ball that moves in a tunnel with high speed. Your mission is to dodge obstacles in different shapes along the way. You need to control quickly and reflexively accurately to overcome an obstacle. Try to pass all the levels in this cool game and defeat all previous records!

About game:

Tunnel Rush is one of the best distance physics video games. In this game, quick reflexes are the key for you to complete the levels. Everything in this video game is dangerous and if you touch them you will lose immediately. During the gameplay, you can see the different stages of the Tunnel. In a black and white tunnel, anything that is red is an obstacle. You need to look at the colors to recognize the dangers ahead.

The ball control is very simple. You just need to move to the left and right because the ball will automatically roll forward. You will move continuously and the more you pass the level, the more dangerous you face. The interesting point in the game is that you will play with the perspective of the first person. This feature gives you a real feeling like you are running in a tunnel. However, it also creates challenges for you because your vision will be limited.

When you fail, the game gives you 2 options: play again or start from the point where you touch the obstacle. If you choose option 2, you must see an advertisement clip. I think it's a fair thing for your failure. If you do not want to see the ad, try to run to the end of each stage of the game. Although Tunnel Rush is played continuously, it is still divided into many different levels. There are a total of 100 levels in this game. Note that some obstacles will move while the rest will stand still. In the early levels, you will see blocks of obstacles standing in place. But when you reach a high score, you have to cross the blocks and move continuously in a pre-programmed trajectory!

And you won't be able to jump because the game doesn't allow it. You also don't have any power-ups or skills to support on the way. Instead, you can only move left and right with your keyboard. The terrain will move continuously, and it challenges your reflexes. You need to timing correctly when moving left or right to make sure you are safe. Moving on a safe road is impossible because obstacles will appear continuously on many different lanes.

If you are a newbie, the first few levels will definitely be easier than the next. Take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the movements of the ball and the playing mechanism of the game. They are quite easy and not difficult to learn. When you are familiar with a spiral tunnel, you can move left and right (change the lanes) to avoid obstacles easily. Whether you are a professional gamer or a newbie, I think you need to become familiar with the mechanics of the game if you want to get a high score.

Note that your ball will accelerate quickly. Therefore, you must carefully observe the movements of the obstacles ahead to avoid them. I believe you can guess the direction of these obstacles. You will have a generous time to find ways to avoid them. The game's music also matches the pace of the gameplay. Besides, 3D geometric graphics are also very simple. It helps you recognize the traps easily.

Depending on the distance that you have run, you will have a corresponding score. The records will be displayed and this is the goal for you to conquer. It would be great to beat a record in Tunnel Rush. As I said, there are 100 levels for you, but they are very short and you can completely conquer them. This makes the game more interesting because it is not too very difficult. When you play a game, of course, you want to win. And Tunnel Rush fulfilled this desire perfectly.

Tunnel Rush is truly pure and simple. This video game is very fair. It doesn't have weapons, enemies, cash, or power-ups ... It also doesn't have complex skills but it brings excitement to all gamers. You only need two keys to move left and right. Although the pace in Tunnel Rush will increase gradually, I think it is suitable for everyone. Obstacles will start from simple shapes to complex moving blocks. A simple but challenging and quality video game.

Once again, I would like to remind you that your goal is to avoid obstacles (red blocks) and run to the destination safely. There are a total of 100 levels in Tunnel Rush and they are very short. You can completely pass each level if you have enough patience. Keep in mind the position and movement of the obstacles (if you can)! This is really one of the simplest free online video games for PC but it brings amazing feelings!

I have been playing this game for hours and I can only go to level 35. I think you can do better than me. Try this game on your browser now and tell me your score. Have a good day!

Tunnel Rush Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Press A/D or left/right arrow to move and use space bar to pause or replay once you die.

Tunnel Rush - How to play

Control of Tunnel Rush Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • To achieve a high score in this game, you must remember the position and movement of the obstacles in each level.
  • Use reflection and timing exactly when you change the lanes.
  • Watch carefully the terrain ahead to dodge the red obstacles. You have enough time to dodge them!
  • Jump into the lane that has few obstacles. When you have dodged an obstacle, you must concentrate because you may have to switch lanes immediately to avoid another obstacle.
  • When rolling, you will accelerate quickly. Pay attention to physics because it is an important factor when you want to overcome an obstacle.
  • Any moving object in this game has a fixed trajectory. Observe them carefully and you can dodge them easily.
  • Don't forget that behind an obstacle can be another obstacle. Choosing a lane with few obstacles is a wise decision for you in Tunnel Rush Unblocked!

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Tunnel Rush Walkthrough