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About the game:

Troy is a great strategy game and it is developed by WitchHut. This game is based on the story that has been in history, which is War into Troy. The game is set in ancient Rome with castle buildings, Roman soldiers, Roman horses. In addition, the soundtrack of the game is magnificent music about Rome that will make you feel excited.

In this game, you have to control everything, such as controlling the crossbow in the castle, selecting soldiers,... Your mission is to stop the enemy, do not let them into your castle. If the enemy invades your castle, you will lose.

This game has many different levels, you will have to overcome them to earn the highest score. When you kill an enemy you get gold, use that gold to buy soldiers. After each level, you will receive more gold, which will help you upgrade soldiers, attack power, defense, and crossbow strength.

Troy Unblocked:

Troy Unblocked is very suitable to play when you are stressed, and it is completely free to play at Come here and relax!!!

How to play:

  • Click the left mouse button to select soldiers.
  • Press the arrow keys to move the crossbow.
  • Press space to shoot the crossbow.

Troy - How to play

Control of Troy

Tips and tricks:

  • Control the crossbow at a 45-degree angle, because it will be shot further.
  • Wait for a lot of money and buy soldiers.