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About game: is a Platform, Multiplayer, Online, and .io video game. Each player in this video game has to input their name before they come into the playground to tell them from the other players. Everyone in looks the same, regardless of the abilities they have. This game was made for any player around the world to join and have a good time fighting against each other.

As you enter the playground, it soon becomes a battlefield where the players have to kill each other to survive. Since this game is quite addictive, there might be a hundred players in the same server at once. The more players to get on the battlefield, the more challenges you will have to face. You can travel around the game world to collect coins and benefit yourself. When other players want to attack you, it is time for you to bring the sword out and tell them who is leading the game. You will learn many tips for surviving after playing

Just like its name, is a game full of traps. You can see the sharp-sword-field anywhere in the game world. Unfortunately, you can’t help falling right into those dangerous zones while you are trying to jump up or just wandering around. However, you still have the game’s support to endure your life. By touching the Heart icon floating in the air, you will be able to refill your health to get back in the game. Now if you are ready for, you should probably enter the game and make the most out of your performance! Have fun! Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the A & D buttons to turn left and right.
  • Press the Space bar/W to make a jump.
  • Press the left mouse button to attack the other players. - How to play

Control of

Tips and tricks:

  • At the beginning of the game, you should try to maintain peace without attacking the other players to have some time to get used to the battlefield.
  • Don’t get involved in any massive fight. Walkthrough