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Trap Adventure 2


Welcome to Trap Adventure 2 which is developed by Hiroyoshi Oshiba. This is a famous troll video game developed and released in 2016. The game became popular on social networks in 2018, after users posted short clips of their games. In this game, you have a simple mission: dodge unwanted obstacles along the way and run to the destination safely. Are you ready?

About game:

Trap Adventure 2 is one of the most famous action and adventure games about intentional difficulty. Developed on 8 bit platform with the style of Super Mario Bros, you will feel close as soon as you play this game. However, you have been fooled by the graphics of the game, it's not as friendly and fun as you think. Trap Adventure 2 is very scary, it seems to try to be difficult to provoke you, but you get addicted by its gameplay. I felt very upset because of unexpected deaths. But it's really fun and I like them. And my purpose in playing this game is to find unexpected traps in the game. I feel they are really happy, very special! This feeling is completely different from some other classic action games.

You have 10 lives to play in this game. The game takes you to a classic horizontal screen and it tries to deceive you with friendly objects in the map. When you think that tile is safe, it will not be safe. When you think this path is safe, it will bring death to you immediately. When you think there are no more obstacles, they will appear right at your location and ... game over. Trap Adventure 2 also has signs for you. It deliberately creates signs to kill you ... My advice is not to believe anything you see in this game. Use your reflexes to overcome the safe path ahead because it's really insecure!

If you think Trap Adventure 2 is simple, you've never played it before. When you die for the first time in this game, you will have different thoughts. Spikes will pop up and kill you unexpectedly. You will not be able to dodge it if you do not die at least once, because it looks so harmless. The spike stays there, it doesn't move until you approach it. You want to jump over it, and when you jump up, it pops up to kill you. A death full of surprises and humor. When you want to jump over a block in mid-air and you think it's safe, the spike will fall right down to your head when you land on the safe block. Of course, there's always a way to get rid of deadly pitfalls. But it must be a sequence of actions that are done correctly and perfectly.

So, what will a player do to overcome this game? You can think about the actions you will take, you can look closely at the terrain ahead ... its good. But if you die, don't be too upset because this retro-style 2D game wants you to be angry. The developer of Adventure Adventure 2, Hiroyoshi Oshiba, has stated that his product is "the hardest and most annoying video game at all time." He said that you will feel dissatisfaction when playing this game. Although there are many difficult games, Trap Adventure 2 deliberately set ruthless and unfair traps to defeat any player who wants to conquer it.

This is a hard video game for PC and it annoys players. If you want to have fun and relax on weekends, just skip this game. But if you like the feeling of being defeated or the sudden death, or simply you want a new feeling, try Adventure Adventure 2 once and you'll be addicted. The challenge comes from the first frames of the game. As it moves, you see your character standing next to a deadly hole. You want to jump over to the other side of the hole. When you jump over the first two blocks, everything is okay. But when you jump to the third block, spikes will shoot out of it, and kill you. So, if you try to ignore the third block, what happens? It will fall on your head. And if you jump back to the first position, the ceiling will collapse and you will die. And that's only the first scenes. The game with more difficult levels is waiting for you.

Oshiba released this game on June 29, 2016. The game uses pixel art and chiptune music. Many gamers call it a copy of Super Mario. Oshiba said that he would not take any responsibility for the dissatisfaction of the players when they experienced Adventure Adventure 2. This developer 's humor attracted a lot of attention. Mike Fahey, an editor of the web Kotaku says that this is a clone Super Mario game with brutality on a hilarious spring. Michael McWhertor from Polygon thinks this game is great but cruel. I also felt the cruelty in this game through lava erupting from the fire pit, the giant circular saw, the bombs exploding around your character, and the rocks crushing you on the screen.

If you're still curious, you can try this online for PC game now. Don't despair when you can't pass the level 1. We have a video walkthrough to guide you through the hard challenges of the game below. Good luck and have fun!

Trap Adventure 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:     

In this adobe flash game, you use A and D to move and W to jump.

Trap Adventure 2 - How to play

Control of Trap Adventure 2 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • You should consider the video walkthrough to know about the unexpected dangers in the game.
  • Nothing is safe in Trap Adventure 2. Just play, die, and remember the dangers to pass them in the next turns.
  • You only have 10 lives to complete this difficult game. We don't think you have too many opportunities to complete the game with only 10 lives.
  • Do you like this game and you want to experience it on your mobile device? You can download the iOS version of the game on App Store and experience it. Have a good day!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat Trap Adventure 2?

You have to move skillfully and timing accurately when jumping to overcome an obstacle. To complete a level, you have to remember how the hazards appear and you have to do a logical sequence of actions. See the walkthrough video to learn about the obstacles and the movements of the objects you interact with in the game.