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Transformice is an exciting multiplayer online game, created by Atelier 801. In this game, you'll be controlling a little mouse who is craving for a bite of cheese. Help him overcome traps and obstacles and get to his delicious, sweet-smelling piece of cheese. Are you ready for the rat race? Click here and play Transformice Unblocked now!

About game:

Transformice is a brilliant arcade game for all ages. This game is created by two French game designers, known as Melibellule and Tigrounette. The eye-satisfied graphics is by Melibellule, while the codings and programmings of the game is done by Tigrounette. The game is firstly released on May 1st, 2010, yet is still one of the most interesting games to play.

In this game, you will be in the shoes of an adorably small mouse, which is really, really hungry. He needs to get some yummy cheese to fill his empty stomach. Your mission, therefore, is to go search for cheese and get it back to your small rat-hole. However, you are not the only mice that are searching for the cheese. As you'll play in a platform, loads of players are hunting for it, too. There is, of course, enough cheese for everyone. But the thing is, can you really get your cheese safe and sound back to your small hole, or you will sacrifice before being able to make any move?

The challenge I want to talk about here is the problem that you have to compete with other players. It is always an interesting point, but also very difficult. Anyone wants to beat other players and win the game. So you have to really focus and move skillfully if you don't want to die in the first minute!

In Transformice, firstly, you'll name your mice. After that, you'll be guided through an easy tutorial to understand the game rules as well as game controls. Then, you are ready to be put in an arena full of random players. In each round, there are some levels that you must get through altogether. As I said before, your journey is definitely not an easy one. Ice walls, firewalls, sharp guillotines, big holes, and more are ready to finish any of you, at any moment. These traps are specialized to prevent you from having your delicious cheese. Overcoming these obstacles is by no means an easy process.

Sometimes, you have to compete in a harsh race of survival with other players. But also, sometimes, all of you need to co-operate in order to let everyone have their own cheese. For instance, there is a level in which all players are put in the middle of a balance beam, while the cheese is on the one side of the land and the cave is on the other side. If the number of mice on the two edge of the beam is unequal, all will fall to their death. So the strategy here is that the mouses should be divided into two equal groups.

The first group standing near the cheese will get the cheese first: one by one, go carefully to avoid moving the beam. Then the groups change positions and repeat the procedure. When everyone's got their cheese, the mouses should go slowly back to the rat-hole, and continue to keep the balance meanwhile. Different strategies is also possible, and the key is that you and other players must collaborate. That was my experience after hundreds of times playing this game. I think it works and you should try it. Of course, if you have a better strategy then you should use your own. This is my way for new people. And if you apply it effectively, you have a great chance to win the game!

In Transformice, there are countless of levels for you to challenge yourself. The levels are selected randomly, and each level has its own well-designed obstacles to get through. However, the target keeps being consistent: find and bring home your sweet slice of cheese. You must bear in your mind that getting the cheese is not enough; you must bring it safely to your home, too. The cheese will not only satisfy your hungry stomach, but it also helps you buy stuffs that you like. For instance, you can save up money for new costumes, helpful items, missiles, flying items that boost up your performance.

In the beginning, you'll start with the title of 'Little Mouse.' You can later unlock many more cool titles by conquering the achievements. Then you can choose whatever name you like for your mouse, but you can only assign one to your mouse at any time. So, what name do you prefer, Chesoholic, Cheesus, Boot Campers or Glorious Shaman? Remember that these four are not the only titles available, there is hundreds of titles for you to check out!

The operation of the game is so simple, with just three buttons to control it all. However, you'll be engrossed into this game because of the diversity of obstacles it brings up. One more plus point to this game is the amazing graphics. The mouse characters look cuter than ever. Furthermore, the music of this game is so fun and relaxing that you may want to hum to when playing the game. To say in a nutshell, every single detail in this game is well-designed only for the sake of your entertainment.

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How to play:

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump

Tips and tricks:

  • You can press A or Up arrow twice to jump higher.
  • When you haven't know what to do with the obstacles, just wait and see how are others dealing with it and follow the best strategy. Remember, the goal here is not to go first, but to arrive safe and sound in as many levels as possible.
  • Always try to look our for the mouse hole and figure out a way to reach it. If your home is too high and you can't jump to it, there may be some supplies fall from the sky once in a while to help you reach the top.

Transformice Walkthrough