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Tower of Destiny

About game:

Tower of Destiny is a Classic, Platform, Adventure, and Click video game. The game brings you to an actual Tower of Destiny, as you will have to explore the Tower on your own. On entering the game, you will be facing multiple Adventuristic elements such as Chests, Gems, and Obstacles. Your goal in Tower of Destiny is climbing up as higher as possible.

The game rewards you with points for your performance, which encourages you to try your best. Within the Tower of Destiny, you will be controlling a game character who only runs and jumps. Since your character cannot stop himself from being in motion, it is hard for you to control him, especially when you face up some obstacles lying next to each other. Once an obstacle attacks you, you lose one life. Three mistakes can kill you immediately. While you are exploring each floor within the Tower of Destiny, you will have the chance to earn gems and coins that help with buying items and upgrades in the game shop.

The more upgrades you will buy, the better your performance will be. Some of the most effective upgrades are the White Monk’s Magnet, Warlock’s, and more. One floor in the Tower of Destiny is the same as one stage. You will have lots of fun while exploring all the stages of Tower of Destiny. Let’s play this game now!

Tower of Destiny Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse/space bar to make a jump.

Tower of Destiny - How to play

Control of Tower of Destiny

Tips and tricks:

The game becomes more exciting when you start to purchase your favorite character.
You need to make sure that your Internet connection is good while you are playing since the Internet interruption can possibly harm your progress.

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Tower of Destiny Walkthrough