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Time Fcuk

About the game:

Time Fcuk is a platform puzzle game, owned by William Good. In this game, you will control a strange character to find the exit port of the matrix. Just use arrow keys to help him move. You will have to overcome dangerous obstacles like sharp nails or deep holes. Don't worry, they're not too difficult.

Besides, the unique thing of this game is that it exists in parallel with two paths, you can use the unique abilities of the game characters to transition between the two ways to find the fastest exit. You must find the intersection, the gap between these two roads, stand in it and move. Otherwise, you will be inserted into these two roads leading to that death.

Your character also has extraordinary power, can lift obstacles to turn it into something that helps you. Are you ready to explore? Enter the gate and together find the exit now!

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How to play:

  • Arrow keys are used to move
  • Space key is used to jump
  • “A” key is used to switch two paths together
  • “S” key is used for lifting items

Time Fcuk - How to play

Control of Time Fcuk

Tips and tricks:

  • Try to play it a few times to find the space between the two roads
  • Pay close attention to the instructions on the screen

Time Fcuk Walkthrough