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This is the Only Level 3

About game:

If you have a thorough knowledge of video games, you will probably be familiar with This is the Only Level series. This is the Only Level 3 is the third version that has just been published of this well-known platform game series. This new update is set up with fantastic features which will attract a large number of players.

This is the Only Level 3, this name presents clearly and totally the content of this game. Yes, there is only one level and you have to replay it over and over again. However, there are 30 stages of this level and each one changes a little bit. Your object is the same each time, you have to remove the grey wall and reach the exit pipe. If you meet with difficulties, you can click on the “Walkthrough” button in the bottom left corner of screen.

Definitely, This is the Only Level 3 will help you to wind down and recover your energy after nerve-racking days. Additionally, it also trains your mind to think outside the box.

This is the Only Level 3 Unblocked:

You can play This is the Only Level 3 Unblocked for nothing at, every time and everywhere. is a website that contains a variety of video games. Besides, its interface is pretty vivid and colorful and its transmission line is good. All of those things will bring players interests when playing.

This is the Only Level 3 is a good game to play and enjoy in free time. Besides that, you also can try other games such as This is the Only Level 2 or CircloO. All of them are so great for relaxing.

How to play:

Use the arrow or W/ A/ S/ D keys to move and jump. Mouse clicks may be needed.

This is the Only Level 3 - How to play

Control of This is the Only Level 3

Tips and tricks:

Be patient and you will beat it easily.

Pay attention to the titles of the stages, there are hints on how to play for you.

This is the Only Level 3 Walkthrough