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This Is The Only Level


Welcome to This Is The Only Level which is developed by Jmtb02. This is a fun but challenge 2D puzzle platform online video game. In this free video game, you have 30 different stages to conquer. So, why is this game called "This Is The Only Level"? The answer is: all levels are identical to the terrain, the main character, and the control system. You will control a blue elephant and try to safely get to the exit door. Of course, traps in each level are different and you have to find a way to finish them. You will see that the elephant appears on the left side and the exit door is on the right side of the screen. You will also be blocked by a door. There will be a red button and it will help you change some details about the terrain in the map. Look for ways to pass these complicated puzzles!

About game:

jmbb02 has surprised gamers who like puzzle games. This Is The Only Level for PC is really simple when you control the blue elephant with arrow keys and your only goal is to escape the room by going to the exit door. However, don't let the simplicity of graphics and gameplay fool you, you'll have a lot of trouble solving complex terrain questions in this game. There are many platforms in the room and they are arranged to hinder you. Of course, one of them will be spikes and you will die if you have a light touch on them.

The fun is that this game has only one level. You will have to solve the puzzles in a room and this will be repeated many times. This Is The Only Level has a total of 30 levels and each time you complete a level, you will start again with traps that are arranged in new positions. You can use the arrow keys to move your blue elephant. The developer is also very cute when he gives you the hints of each level. Pay attention to the title of each level when it starts to know about suggestions. If you have difficulty completing a level, you can find the Walkthrough button at the bottom of the game screen. In addition, you also have many other options such as turn on / turn off the sound, pause / unpause the game.

This Is The Only Level is a classic, funny game, and it will help you know your limits. Sometimes, when you move, right is left and up is down. You will control the elephant with the arrow keys but sometimes you have to use the mouse to complete the level. As I said above, you need to pay attention to the title to guess a hint if you want to complete the challenge in the game. In my experience (after dying a few hundred times T_T), the best thing you can do is check all the control keys until you can safely enter the exit door.

Don't forget to use the red button that the developer provided for you. There is a big red button on the screen, when you press it the green wall will disappear and you can go to the exit door. But, things won't be as simple as you think. If your elephant has unreasonable movements, you will be sent back to the previous level.

I played this game hundreds of times, and I was conquered. I observed the failure of a blue elephant. It can move, it can jump, and I can control it. This is one of the best video games in 2009. I was very excited in reviewing and pressing the switches to unlock the door. I failed many times, but it was really fun and relieved. At some levels, the control keys do not work as usual. I checked the keyboard (lol), but then I realized that it was a troll of the game. And it made me laugh.

If you're a challenging player, stop reading this article and enter the game right away. If you are a newbie and you do not want to spend too much time looking for hints, I have some interesting information for you (each information will correspond to a level in the game):

  • Level 1 is easy when you just need to use the arrow keys to move and enter the exit door.
  • Things gradually become more complex at level 2. The controls are reversed.
  • At level 3, you see that the door is open, try to move skillfully, otherwise it will be closed.
  • At level 4, you must control the elephant with the mouse.
  • Level 5 is the place where you will see gravity drop a lot.
  • The blue elephant will constantly jump at level 6.
  • At level 7, your elephant will not be able to jump, but it will not die when touching the spike. Try dying once and you'll discover something interesting.
  • The terrain will have stripes and you must pass them at level 8.
  • At level 9, you will once again be familiar with the new control system.
  • Level 10 is where you have to overcome strong winds. The physical element from the wind will push you to the left of the screen.
  • Level 11: Your elephant is difficult to move.
  • Level 12: the blue elephant will not be able to jump and the door is open.
  • Level 13: Your elephant will move automatically and you must press the left and right keys to make it move to the exit door.
  • At level 14: Remember that the elephant can only jump once.
  • Level 15: The door will not open until you refresh the map.
  • Level 16: you have to press the red button several times to open it.
  • You have a bit of free time at level 17 when things are pretty easy.
  • Level 18: When the elephant touches an object in the map, it will fall off the screen.
  • At level 19: The blue elephant will move much slower than its normal speed.
  • Level 20 is a puzzle that challenges your memory. The entire map will be painted white (except the exit door). You must remember the whole terrain to overcome this challenge.
  • The map in level 21 will be streaked. When you touch those spikes that are light in color, gravity will be normal. When you touch those spikes that are darker, they will have backward gravity.
  • Level 22 will have an invisible barrier to block the door leading to the exit door.
  • Level 23: You must use FGHT to move your elephant.
  • Level 24, pay attention to Caps Lock. You can only complete this level if Caps Lock is enabled.
  • At level 25: The door opens and closes itself every ten seconds.
  • You will see the illusion of the door at level 26. You know what? You can walk through this illusion.
  • At level 27, the door will not open. You must click on the credit page to complete this level.
  • Level 28 is also quite easy: the map is enlarged on the elephant.
  • At level 29: When you press the red button, you only have 2 seconds to pass through the door.
  • At level 30: The map will become dark when you press the red button.

This Is The Only Level Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use the arrow keys to control the game but in some special levels you use the Mouse to control it.

This Is The Only Level - How to play

Control of This Is The Only Level Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

Pay attention to the suggestions of each level to learn how to overcome challenges.

You should check all the elephant movement keys.

If you can't move the elephant with the keyboard, try the mouse.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to beat?

Each level in this game has different challenges. Challenges come from complex terrain and sometimes they come from other factors such as wind or gravity. You only have one thing to care about: carefully read the suggestions of each level to know about its characteristics.

  • What is the easter egg?

This is a hidden message and means to make fun for players. It is often used to refer to influences, social events, previous famous works or hobbies. You can catch the easter eggs in This Is The Only Level Too and This Is The Only Level 3.

This Is The Only Level Walkthrough