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The Visit


In The Visit, you'll have to help a man reach his girlfriend's house. On his way, he'll meet full of crabs. Avoid hurting them; otherwise, he will be arrested and be put in jail. Play and have fun creating different scenarios with the game.

About the game:

  • Publisher and author

The Visit is an indie adventure game with super-fun gameplay. The designer is called molkman, who is famous for the funny graphics and brilliant gameplay of his creations. The Visit is one of his most-liked games in 2012. After playing The Visit, maybe you'll become his fan! Just try this game The Visit at one and you will see!

  • The game's story

A man is emotionally suffering great misery. He misses his girlfriend so much he needs to see her right now. So off he goes, eager to see his lover. But on the way, there are so many challenges awaiting. Just a small mistake may lead to the loss of a life…

  • Your goal

In The Visit, your goal is to control the man through a series of challenges. The way to love is never easy, and the terrain is full of hills and valleys. Even worse, residing near those hills are the crabs. They actually are really nice neighbours, except for the annoying fact that they are lying everywhere.

Moreover, despite their thick and hard shell, the crabs are extremely vulnerable. So that means, once you are outside, you'll have to consider whatever step you're making; otherwise, you might step on and kill an innocent citizen! And what happens if you kill an innocent citizen? Surely, you'll end up living behind bars.

  • Creating different scenarios

The best thing I like about The Visit is that I can create many stories only by playing this game. I can choose to be a good guy who tries so hard to avoid hitting anybody on my way to my love. Or, I can be an evil person who killed and didn't have just a feeling of guilt. I can kill and get away with murder.

I can even be a psychopath who kills on purpose and tries to kill the judge also. I can be whoever I want to become, creating any story I want. However, different actions of mine will create my endings. A psychopath will definitely be executed, while the one who got away with murder will have to hide for the rest of his life. But a good man will always be loved. So, what's your choice?

  • Medals

In addition to a fun journey, The Visit rewards you with medals if you finish the game's quests. For instance, you accidentally killed a crab. It was a horrible mistake, and you did show your deep repentance for him. You'll then be forgiven, not only by your beloved girlfriend but also the whole society. That's when you receive the "Remorse" medal. However, try to make another visit without killing someone.

In another scenario, which is also the best case, you didn't kill anybody. It's the hardest journey ever, but in the end, you'll receive the honorable "Sup, honeybee" medal. Try to get all the medals and have fun!

  • Some lessons to learn

I recommended The Visit to my younger sister, and she really liked this game. After playing it over and over again, each time with a different ending, my baby sister told me she had had herself some good lessons. When she started playing, the challenges were so hard to overcome that she killed a crab.

Whether that was an accidental or purposeful deed, she'll have to take responsibility for that. So, the number one lesson, as she told me, was "Never try to hurt anybody so that you don't go in jail". Then, after she was freed, she went straight to the crab monument and made an apology. And then she learned lesson number two: "If she makes some mistakes, the best thing to do is to show repentance and try to make it up to the mistakes you've made".

Those are actually good lessons, especially for kids. This game made a clear point: if you are a good person, you'll end up in a happy ending. And best of all, its approach is also more realistic than that of bedtime stories where you'll get all the help from a beautiful, magical fairy. Therefore, I reckon you let your kids play The Visit, too.

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How to play:

  • This game requires some familiar buttons on your keyboard. I'm sure you can get used to the game control keys in no time. Here they are:
  • The arrow keys will help you control the character. The right arrow is used to move forward, while the left arrow is to move backward. The upper arrow key is for jumping to high places.
  • However, the down arrow key has a different use. Once you're free from jail, you'll run into a monument built for the poor guy you killed. Use the down arrow keys to show your repentance.
  • When arrested, you'll have to attend a trial. Answer the judge's question by selecting either the number 1 or 2 key. Also, clicking the answer might also do the job.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

  • You only kill somebody when you jump and land on them. Walking past the crabs doesn't do any harm. So, you don't need to jump or run away when a crab gets in your way.
  • The special thing about this game is that it has many different endings. Try to be creative and create as many scenarios as you can. You may find out unexpected results!
  • If you accidentally killed somebody, I reckon you show your repentance to the one you killed. Otherwise, you'll never be forgiven; not only by your beloved girlfriend but also by the whole society.
  • The best scenario is always the one in which you're a good man, killing no one. Why don't you aim for that ending? I know it's difficult, but the result is worth it.

The Visit Walkthrough