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The Last Survivors

About game:

The Last Survivors tells you the story about a survivor family, which includes a Father and his Daughter. In the Zombie Apocalypse, these two survivors have to do whatever they can to surpass the harsh situations. In the game world of The Last Survivors, you will have the chance to play both characters, the Father and his Daughter. This Adventure, Turn-based game allows the player to use both side-controlling configures of the keyboard to advance further.

The Last Survivors has a set of various exciting levels. You will have to use your teamwork skills in this video game, as each level of The Last Survivors requires both characters to support each other. For example, the Daughter can help her Father reach higher places by hopping on her head, while the Father can perform some tough tasks as he is much stronger than his Daugther.

As you progress, you will have the chance to experience various abilities of the characters. For the Daughter, we can see that she is quite light in weight and her speed is quite unbelievable, which means she can carry quick tasks. The Father is more like a stable man who can break hard walls down and conquer the missions that require strength. Each level is finished when both characters get to the green door that leads to the next level. You also have to ensure that you can collect all the collectibles you see within one level. With lots of fantastic elements, you soon will grow the love for The Last Survivors!

The Last Survivors Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to work with the Father.

Use the W/A/S/D buttons to work with the Daughter.

The Last Survivors - How to play

Control of The Last Survivors

Tips and tricks:

If you keep failing one level, you should get to see the solution to it in the walkthrough video.

You should invite another player to play with you, as you will have more fun!

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The Last Survivors Walkthrough