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The Last Samurai

About the game:

The Last Samurai is a RPG action game developed by The Shrufa – check out his Twitter here, he does some amazing stuff.

Taking the role of a skillful samurai dressed in yellow, you’ll need to go through levels in order to get a designated number of orange scrolls, which are filled with angry red ninjas that are going to attack you as soon as you stand the same ground with them. Each level holds a different kind of terrain and you’ll sure need some skills to jump through all obstacles. Your weapon arsenal is various, from grenades to razor sharp shurikens. Be careful as your enemies are also equipped with those deadly toys, which can kill you in a blink of an eye!

Written in Flash, the game has no compatibility issues while being played on modern web browsers. The graphics of the game is similar to the popular Pac-Man style that will indeed be familiar to players right away. The Last Samurai also has an intense soundtrack, which is a huge bonus to gameplay experience.

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How to play:

  • Move with WASD or Arrow Buttons. Double tap [W] or [Up Arrow Key] to jump higher.
  • Shoot shurikens with K, Spacebar or Left Mouse Button.
  • Deploy grenade with L, X or Right Mouse Button.

The Last Samurai - How to play

Control of The Last Samurai

Tips and tricks:

  • Dirt blocks can be destroyed with 2 shurikens or a grenade blast.
  • Grenades can be thrown or dropped according to your movement.
  • Hold down Spacebar, K or LMB to fire rapidly.
  • Being close to walls will have you slid slowly on its edge, use it as an advantage.

The Last Samurai Walkthrough