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The I of It

About the game:

The I of It is a platform, puzzle and tactical play, developed by Gameshot. In this game, you have control over one letter, “I”. It sounds strange and straightforward. That's right, just one letter, “I.” This is the letter “I” strayed from the word “It”, your task is to help him overcome the challenges to return to his place, to find the letter “t”.

This “I” letter is capable of resizing, shrinking or stretching to fit each challenge, but it will always have to stick to the ceiling or the ground, depending on the round, it cannot stand on its own. You will have to think of a way to solve the riddle, to get the letter “I” from one side of the screen to the other.

It seems easy, but when you start playing, you can feel its difficulty. Please try to make the meaning of the word “I” return.

The I of It Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use arrow keys to help letter “I” move and resize

The I of It - How to play

Control of The I of It

Tips and tricks:

  • Depending on the round, “I” will stick on the ceiling or under the ground. Pay close attention to a reasonable puzzle strategy
  • Remember to make use of the two ends of the horizontal bar of the letter “I”

The I of It Walkthrough