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The Great Escape

About the game:

The Great Escape is an old but gold arcade game. Your mission is to control a dairy cow named Bo to get to the Great Calcium Fair, collect food items and stay away from obstacles. Food items will give you more calcium and energy to get to the Fair. For example, a glass of fat-free milk has 300mg calcium, a cup of broccoli has 90 mg calcium. So, you need to collect as many as possible to make your cow stronger and faster.

On the run, you should avoid to touch dustman, the dog, a man with a bird on his shoulder, a pine and fell into the pit. Once you are touched, you will fail. The game will become more difficult when the cow’s age increase. To know the calcium goal for each level, you need to click the question buttons on the top right of the screen game.

The Great Escape Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use up arrow to jump, left arrow to move left, right arrow to move right, down arrow to crouch.

The Great Escape - How to play

Control of The Great Escape

Tips and tricks:

  • To collect all the food items, sometimes you need to jump onto barrels and trucks to make a higher jump.
  • You can also jump onto other animals such as dairy cow and chicken to avoid obstacles.