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The Gentleman

About the game:

The Gentleman is a great platform game, surreal and discoverable, owned by SoulGame. In this game, you will play a gentleman in your elegant suit and umbrella. You will have to overcome challenges to find the door to open the next adventure. Fifty entries are corresponding to 50 levels. The higher the scale, the more and more complicated the number of obstacles.

You will join the expedition at night. Your constraints can be anything along the way like sprinklers, fire columns, nail tables, or natural phenomena like clouds and rain. With each difficulty, you must have different solutions.

You have to be quick to let that gentleman jump over the obstacle. The umbrella is also a great weapon to avoid weather phenomena that harm you. You will have to overcome three bosses. Are you ready to become a gentleman? Take the umbrella, put on a suit, put on your hat, go to the street and show your gentleman's qualities

The Gentleman Unblocked:

There will surely be a lot of things that want to show your gentleman's classes, but do you know where to play The Gentleman Unblocked? is the site you should know and experience. Indeed, it will not disappoint you.

How to play:

  • Move with the arrow keys
  • Jump with the Space key
  • Open the box with the down arrow key
  • Roll low with the down arrow key to combine the arrow with moving to the side

The Gentleman - How to play

Control of The Gentleman

Tips and tricks:

  • Your character is not affected by gravity so don't worry whenever you go through the uphill roads
  • Challenges not only appear once in a level. Pay attention, don't neglect anything

The Gentleman Walkthrough