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The Floor is Lava


If you are finding a funny game to relax after hard working or studying, why don’t you try out The Floor is Lava? I promise you will have a happy time and even the interesting gaming experience. You have a chance to explore many characters in this game.

About Floor is Lava game:

Floor is Lava is one of the famous platform video games. It is created for people of all ages to play for free. With the simple rule play and eye-catching design, people will feel the world in the game is real. The most dangerous challenge in this game is the lava which appears on the floor sometimes. In this game, you will take control of a running man to go ahead carefully in order to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding plenty of obstacles on the way.

A character is waiting for you at the beginning. After you start the game, he will run toward automatically and you just need to guide him to run at the right time. You are in a beautiful and modern kitchen with many tools including fridge, oven, cooking pot, pan, and so on. The kitchen is so large and for you to explore. When running, you need to look around carefully to jump over the dangerous objects on the floor. They are the low cabinets, chairs, microwaves, wooden boxes, and even the beds. When seeing them, you have to make your character jump higher to land on the top of them. Otherwise, you get stuck in your position and you lose the game. If your character disappears out of the screen, the game is over, so you must keep running and don’t stop or standstill. When you run further, speed is increased. Thus, you need to hurry up now. If you run slowly, you will be able to die and obviously have to go back to the start point.

The objects have a different height and the distance between them is also different. Sometimes, you have to jump from the floor to the top of the objects and then jump again down on the floor, if the distance is long. Otherwise, if the distance between to barriers is short, you have to jump from the top of an object to another one.

Occasionally, the hot lava appears on the floor and a line of text will appear on the screen to warn you. Be careful, it’s hot here, try out to avoid the glowing and flowing soup of molten metals or you will sink in this dangerous liquid. You need to jump from an object to another one and don’t let yourself fall down on the floor or touch the lava. Get ready for some intense jumping or you will immerse yourself in an orange death! It is the most dangerous cardio of your life. Lava glows calmly beneath you and don't be tricked. Fight the urge of taking a deep dive into this trap! Give your best shot to overcome as many obstacles as possible and running continuously in this online game.

There are many gold coins on the screen, they appear in the sky, above the cabinet, above the chair, or even above the bed. You should grab as many coins as you can to be the richest man. Each coin is considered as a point and your total point is shown on the left top of the screen. Besides, you also meet many other rewards on the way, for example, the red hearts, don’t ignore them, just get them. In addition, other helpful objects will appear to support you. For example, the red balls float on the sky, if you touch them, you can fly in many seconds so that you will not touch the orange liquid. Besides, the red engines are also useful, they make you fly faster for a time. One more attraction of this game is the clovers, if you can get it, a large amount of gold coins appears so that you have a chance to collect all of them to increase your points. These helpful objects are scattered on your way. In addition, you will see the springs which can help you jump higher to collects the higher coins. You just need to jump on them. The points will be accumulated over each time playing. You can see your score and the highest score in each level after you finish it.

There are totally 8 levels for you to explore. In this great video game, your main mission is to guide the character to run and grab the coins. However, the challenges in each level are different, so you need to act wisely to get the best result. You can unlock each level by spending 200 coins. It means you must earn 1600 coins to unlock all the levels. Besides, you don’t need to open each level in order, just pick the one you like. For instance, after you finish level 1 and you gain 200 points, you can unlock level 8 immediately. Each level gives you different characters. They have a different appearance but all of them are so cute. In level 1, the character has brown hair with blue shirts. In level 3, he has a black beard and his face is fiercer. In level 7, the character has a funny blue helmet. Can you unlock all 8 characters and describe them for me? Let’s jump in your own race and show me your best score now! Have fun and good luck! I hope that you will have an amazing gaming experience!

The Floor is Lava Unblocked:

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How to play:

Click or tap to jump.

The Floor is Lava - How to play

Control of The Floor is Lava Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  1. Clicking the speaker icon to turn off the sound.
  2. Focus on the text on the screen to know when the lava appears.
  3. Jump higher constantly to not touching the dangerous lava.
  4. Don’t stand still on one location or you will die.

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Some frequently asked questions:

How to beat The Floor is Lava Unblocked?

In this game, you should jump continuously from an object to another in order not to fall down to the lava. Collect all the gold coins on the way to get the best scores and unlock all levels. Grab useful objects to become more powerful and keep yourself safe. Remember to see the text on the screen to know the time lava come in to avoid it.

How to jump?

This game is very simple, you just need to click the mouse to jump.