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The Dark One

About game:

The Dark One is a Platform, Adventure, and Classic video game about an unnamed hero, who is also known as the protagonist. As his letter tells, the protagonist is now attending a wizard school, and he is now trying his best to overcome the last trial to become a great witch as he wants to. To do it, the protagonist must face the demons of flame, as well as defeating the Firelord Golvon. Even though the game indicates the general objective at the beginning of it, you still have to make your way through multiple small targets if you want to go for the big ones.
The Dark One contains numerous levels, as you will be starting from the first level without any jump to the further level. You will be exploring the game world of The Dark One,  get to collect kinds of stuff and fight off the obstacles you see on your way. As you progress, you will be guided by the great Master Shoji, who is willing to help you by giving you the right direction anytime before you start a mission.
The protagonist can cast spells and use magical attacks. The game brings in things such as the Blood and Magic scales. You should feel free to activate the protagonist’s power whenever you need to. Are you ready for the most excellent Adventure in this video game The Dark One? Go!

The Dark One Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the required letter keys when you need.
Press the A & D keys to move from scene to scene.

The Dark One - how to play

Control of The Dark One

Tips and tricks:

Never lose a turn when you are in the middle of a fight.
Try your best to refill your blood scale when you can.

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The Dark One Walkthrough