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The Choice

About this game:

Did you try some old games like Pokemon GO, Doremon and Nobita and so on in your childhood? I guess you did. Why don’t you play these again when you have free time? Playing the game The Choice is a way to bring you back to your childhood.

The Choice is a cool platform game, with a story of 3 people – a boy, his pal, and his girlfriend. The boy has to deal with challenging puzzles in 30 levels with a view to reaching his destiny. He must avoid his pal and stay true to his choice. Along the way to find his girlfriend, he has to face a lot of difficult obstacles. However, he easily solves the puzzles by using the obstacles, such as the box or his pal in the right way.

The higher level is the game, the more difficult is the challenge. After a lot of difficult challenge, the boy finds his love. The game wants to tell every gamer that "Nothing is impossible if you have courage and hard-working."

The Choice Unblocked:

The game looks fantastic, isn’t it? Let’s go to and play The Choice Unbloked with lots of friends around the world. Otherwise, you can have a chance to play many terrific games unblocked. It sounds great, right? Play it now!!!

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How to play:

Using A, W, S, D, or arrow keys to move. R to restart, M to mute or unmute. Press Esc if you want to return to the menu or select another level.

The Choice - How to play

Control of The Choice

Tips and Tricks:

  • Be careful! There are some levels that you have to face lots of obstacles, you need to press W and A, or W and D at the same time to overcome the barriers.
  • It is very dangerous to fall from a significant height. Using the box correctly is the key to help you solve the puzzles.