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Territory War

About Territory War:

Territory Waris a fantastic action game from Afro Ninja that you should check out now. The game is designed in a simple graphic with stickman characters and block terrain. Actually, this is a familiar style of many games which tries to make players focus on the playing skills rather than the game effects.

Territory War provides to players various playing modes including Campaign, Challenges and Custom Battle. The rules in Campaign and Custom Battle are quite the same. There will be 2 teams standing at 2 sides of the battlefield. Each team member is given a certain kind and quantity of weapons such as bombs and guns and has to use them to defeat his opponent team. You can move your team members around but only for a certain distance. In Campaign, there will be 3 members for each team while in Custom Battle, you can customize your matches by choosing the number of member for each team and the battlefield’s background. On the other hand, in Challenges mode, Territory War provides 6 different challenges such as throwing bombs and shooting and your mission is to try finishing the challenges as fast as you can.

Join Territory War now to test your accuracy and strategic ability by defeating all of your opponents.

Territory War Unblocked:

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In a long list of video games on, Territory War is a prominent name. This game attracts thousands of gamers from around the world by its simple but addictive gameplay. In addition to it, three other names that are also prominent equally are Give up robot,Dream tower and Give up robot 2. All of them are strongly recommended by the editor team of Hudgames.

How to play:

  • Choose to move your stickman or let him begin the attack by action buttons on the screen.
  • Left and right arrow keys to move to the left and right.
  • Up and down arrow keys to adjust the attacking angle.
  • Space to jump or shoot/throw.

Territory War - How to play

Control of Territory War

Tips and tricks:

Staying too close from your opponents might help you attack easier but also be attacked easier. Be wise!

Remember that the thrown bomb can bounce if it hits the hard surface. Do you think it’s good or bad?

Territory War Walkthrough