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Temple of Boom

About game:

Imagine when you could only trust yourself in a world where everyone against you. Soon, you will be able to experience that feeling in this video game Temple of Boom. Serving the elements of an excellent Platform, Battle, Shooter and Arcade video game, Temple of Boom brings you to the superb Battle, in which you can only count the time of your life by minutes. This challenging video game contains two game modes.

In both Single Player and Two Players modes of Temple of Boom, the player will have the chance to take part in either the Campaign or Endless gameplay. The game also takes the player to discover all of its Temples, and the player will obviously start his journey throughout the game by reaching the Temple 1. As you enter one temple, the game forces you to face waves of enemies if you want to advance further. Your enemies can be both humans and animals. While humans can attack you by shooting you until you lost your blood scale, the animals can bite you to death.

Of course, you can shoot your enemies to avoid your death, but it does not mean that you can easily manage the waves of enemies. Temple of Boom does not only teach you the rules of survival but also the methods to unleash you deep power. Come and shake the game ground of this video game now!

Temple of Boom Unblocked:

When you come to, you can play Temple of Boom Unblocked. This site contains several video games with fantastic gameplay as well. Whatever game genre you are looking for, Temple of Boom will suggest you with the best video games it has. Have fun at now!

How to play:

  • Use the Up arrow button to jump/make a double jump.
  • Press the Down arrow button to pick up a weapon.
  • Press the Z button to shoot.
  • Press the X button switch between weapons.
  • Press the Left/Right arrow button to move.

Temple of Boom - How to play

Control of Temple of Boom

Tips and tricks:

Inviting a friend to come and play Temple of Boom with you in the 2-player mode makes the experience with Temple of Boom more enjoyable.

The beginners tend to be panic in the first time entering the game, to let this not happen, you should read the instructions of the game carefully.

We can't deny that Temple of Boom is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, Gun MayhemCommando and Space Cop are also excellent names.

Temple of Boom Walkthrough