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Super Tank

About the Game:

Brought to you by, Super Tank is a cool classic Platform video game that totally play-free and compatible with all modern websites due to its Flash technology. In this game, the player will be given control to a Super Tank of the Green Army and the main mission is to cross over the territory of the Red Army together with killing as many enemies as possible.

The special thing about Super Tank Unblocked is that the Green tank of yours won’t have any weapons attached to it from the beginning, the tank is only able to make a jump to cross over platforms or make a jump onto the enemies on the ground to eliminate them.

In Super Tank Unblocked, there will be no Tutorial level because it’s quite easy to know how to control your tank properly and the player will jump straight to the battlefield immediately. Let’s master your tank and conquer this game now!

Super Tank Unblocked:

Super Tank Unblocked is also available at, it’s a pretty fun game to play with friends at school or even the office. Visit out site to play Super Tank Unblocked for free!

A game's suggestion for you when playing games on Hudgames is Super Tank. This is a simple but extremely addictive video game. In addition, you can refer to other interesting games such as Gun Mayhem 2Gun Mayhem Redux or Kugeln.IO. All of these games are selected carefully and recommended by the editor team.

How to play:    

Use your Arrow keys to control the Super Tank.

Avoid hitting bosses and falling into trap holes.

Super Tank - How to play

Control of Super Tank

Tips and tricks:

Special Skills and how to use them will be revealed once you’ve passed an ideal of levels.

In every stage, the boss will have Strength and Weakness. Try to avoid its attack and observe to find out.