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Super Smash Flash 2


Super Smash Flash has a good reputation all over the game world. Therefore, with the success of this title, it's soon led to a sequel - Super Smash Flash 2. But in reality, it is not a sequel, it is a new and cool fighting game.  An indie company McLeodGaming published this title. It was led by Gregory McLeod and under the alias of Cleod9.  This game based on the Super Smash Bros series. In this game's development, there were two main turning points.  The first one was on January 1, 2009, on the release of v0.4a. The second one was released on January 1, 2011, with the following release, v0.7.

About Super Smash Flash 2

The same as Super Smash Bros, your mission is to knock enemies off of the screen.  You will have a percentage counter instead of a health bar. It will increase when you take damage. The higher damage percentage attacks, the farther you eventually lead to a KO. In its predecessor, characters just only have a total of five attacks.  Using it by pressing the P key along with an arrow key. Moreover, some characters have further attacks while jumping. In the Super Smash Flash 2, the controlling much more similar to the official games. It's not only allowed to use a keyboard as its predecessor, but it’s also added support for USB Game controllers and other gaming devices used for computers.

There are two modes in this title: single-player and multiplayer. As with the official Super Smash Bros. games, Super Smash Flash 2 comprises several single-player modes. They are campaigns to overthrow a series of computer-controlled enemies, events that have detailed goals to clear and mini-games to test your skill, so on. You will be awarded many interesting rewards and other collectibles by clearing single-player modes. In the original game, there are three single-player modes: Regular March, Stadium and Training mode. The Regular March with two choices between Classic and Adventure Modes. When all rosters have been unlocked, All-Star Mode is available. The Stadium contains several mini-games and challenges such as destroying eight targets or defeating grey-shaded versions in Multi-Man Melee. The Training mode allows the player to tune up their skills by setting a variety of parameters of their own.

However, to expand the player's experience, the reboot Super Smash Flash 2 has more advantages. For an instant, Classic Mode has a greater variety of opponents.  In the Stadium, Target Smash is replaced for Target Test. Not only that, it features two modes: the first is a general system with several levels and difficulties on each level, the second one is more similar to the original's system which tests the character's abilities to defeat the targets. The Multi-Man Melee is renamed to Multi-Man Smash which expands confronts black-palette versions of Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu. An Event Mode was also applied, where players must complete detailed tasks or rout important characters to accomplish the event.

About the multiplayer, it features standard multiplayer battles.  The player will against the others on the same machine and defeat computer-controlled opponents with difficulty in each level. With the support of SSF2, the disadvantages of the old version are improved and expanded the multiplayer mode a lot.  SSF2 helps to introduce four player-entries controlled by players and an active camera system. Special Smash mode appears again in version 0.9b. It concludes certain "game modifiers" like Mini, Slow, Turbo or Super Smash Flash can be applied to matches. The Beta version presented an original mode called Arena Mode. This mode allows players to join in some mini-games playing with the existing physics and characters like Stadium on the single-player mode. Moreover, there are two sub-modes: Sandbag Soccer and Sandbag Basketball. The first one pitches players in an enclosed stage sorted to two teams, red and blue, and must get the Sandbag into the opposing team's goal. The other features an alike premise to the latter, except getting the Sandbag to pass through the opposing team's hoop to score.

About the game character, while the original Super Smash Flash has 30 characters, the Super Smash Flash 2 Beta currently has 40 playable characters.  These characters represent various media, video games, manga, animated film, and fan-made creations. The same as the Super Smash Bros. series, these characters must be "unlocked" through various missions.

Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked

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How to play

  • Use the A and D to Walk and Run
  • Use the W key to Jump and Double Jump
  • Use the D key to Fast Fall
  • Use the P key to perform standard/till/dash/smash attacks
  • Use the I key to Shield, sidestep, roll and air dodge
  • Use the O key for special moves

Tips and tricks

  • You can offer these tips and tricks which make you enjoy this game smoothly.
  • Play in full-screen mode and turn the speaker to 100% as the music is so great
  • Keeping your eyes out for predictability in your gameplay to break your opponents' habits and thought
  • Remember that in a fighting game, observing your opponents is very important
  • Try to play with other people instead of playing against the computer characters because if you do that, you just can beat a computer, not a friend.
  • Save your matches to see the growth and you can have an outside perspective

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Players sometimes may wonder a question ' how can I play online?'. To answer this question, let try these steps. Firstly, creating an online account by going to to register for an online account. Then, going to an online website such as (highly suggested) and enter the account information you created above. To join your opponents' s room, finding your opponent's name and click on the room name. Pressing the Join room button and type the given password. To be the host, pressing the Create room button and type the name room and password you want. After doing that, select your character and game mode you like, then wait for your opponents. The host may select the stage and all the joiners will play on whatever stage the host chooses.

Another player's care is how to unlock all characters in Super Smash Flash 2 Beta. To unlock Pichu, setting mode to '1 stock', turning all items off, setting starting % to 999, choosing the Pikachu and choosing the map' lake of race'. Make sure there just only one CPU. Completing successfully the Classic and Adventure mode with all default characters, you will unlock Naruto. To unlock Jigglypuff, complete successfully Classic or Adventure with any character at any level. When you successfully finish the Classic and Adventure mode with Pikachu and Jigglypuff, you will unlock Mewtwo. Try to get an all-star to unlock every character. To get Mr. incredible, finish successfully the classic mode with all default character, so on.


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Super Smash Flash 2 Walkthrough