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Super House of Dead Ninja

About the game:

Created by Megadev, Super House of Dead Ninja is a pixelated platform game. The main character, Crimson Ninja, has to go through a series of events in an attempt to unlock the secret of a dangerous, deadly tower. You can unlock various weapons, equip many upgrades while destroying hundreds of ninja, monsters and creatures in a limited time.

There are multiples equipment for healing and killing, and boring outfits are a no-no.  The retro, pixelated art style with old fashioned manga backstory will take you way back. It has been said to be the perfect marriage of old and new.

Super House of Dead Ninja is a simple, addictive game with smooth animation and a well-built backstory. If you're into a good time investment with retro gameplay and willing to test your timing ability, this game is perfect for you.

Super House of Dead Ninja Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Left and right arrow key to move and navigate
  • "Z" key to use sword
  • "X" key to shoot shurikens
  • "C" key to drop bombs

Super House of Dead Ninja - How to play

Control of Super House of Dead Ninja

Tips and tricks:

  • Sometimes you can jump on monsters to kill them
  • Pick up artifacts along the way to use them later
  • Change outfits in "other" option

Super House of Dead Ninja Walkthrough