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Super Chick Sister

About The Game:

Super Chick Sisters is created by PETA as a movement against KFC chicken cruelty issue. In this old-fashioned platform game, you can play as either Chickette or Nugget. The point is to save as many chickens as you can while squashing evil colonels by jumping on them.

Careful not to touch those evil colonels or you’ll die and have to respawn. There is also another obstacle like frying oil, which you’ll have to dodge by jumping over. Hit blocks to either free more chicken or receive growth stamina boxes, which will make you twice as big. You will receive multiple live spans as you go through each world, and there is a time limit to each round as well.

Super Chick Sister is a parody game of the classic Super Mario Bros, which features similarities in design and missions. If you’d enjoy games like those, you should definitely check this one out.

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How to play:

  • Use the right and left arrow key to navigate
  • Use the up arrow key to jump

Super Chick Sister - how to play

Control of Super Chick Sister

Tips and tricks:

  • Go through pipes to get to different destinations
  • Stop by characters to read their stories

Super Chick Sister Walkthrough