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Super Adventure Pals

About the game:

Super Adventure Pals, created by jayarmstronggames, is a cool platform and role-playing game. The hero and his pals, the Giraffe and Mister Rock were having a picnic together when the evil Mr.B got jealous and decided to steal Mister Rock. The hero then tries to fight Mr.B but got knocked out badly. That’s when he met the medic girl who helped him survived. She told him that Mr.B has already gone to the icy mountains and if he wants to get there as well, he’ll need 6 rubies to open the gate that leads to it.

After that was a set of missions through Grassland that the Hero has to finish in order to achieve the rubies. While playing, you’ll receive many other small missions while trying to attain as much gold as you can to purchase stronger weapons and equipment.

Super Adventure Pals is a creative, colorful RPG game with unlimited possibilities. You are not bound to a set of time and can play as long as you wish. There are also multiple checkpoints in each round, so don’t worry about having to start over!

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How to play:

  • Use space bar to jump
  • Left and right arrow key to navigate
  • “A” key to use sword and purchase articles
  • “S” key to drop bombs
  • All arrow keys are used to move to maps

Super Adventure Pals - How to play

Control of Super Adventure Pals

Tips and tricks:

  • Use bombs against big monsters
  • Level up to increase either health or strength

Super Adventure Pals Walkthrough