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StrikeForce Kitty

About game:

StrikeForce Kitty is a Platform, Kitty, Strike and Running video game, which is developed by DeqafStudio. In this video game, your mission is controlling a train of Kitties and collecting as many fishes as you can. Isn’t it fun? While you are trying to put tons of fishes in your pocket, you have to avoid multiple different obstacles. StrikeForce Kitty is not a quick and simple video game for anyone to take it for granted. The fact is, not everyone can last for more than 2 minutes in the game.

One of the most challenging factors is the player’s endurance. The beginning of the game might be just a warm-up, as you don’t have to face many troubles. However, you cannot wish for the game to be kind and easy from the beginning to the end. StrikeForce Kitty requires you to control four kitties at once. If one kitty is defeated, the others will keep going ahead. The game is over when all four kitties are taken down by the obstacles.

With StrikeForce Kitty, you will even be able to customize your kitties, such as putting new clothes and weapons on them. The game allows you to upgrade their skills and make them the strongest they can as well. StrikeForce Kitty offers an Adventure not only of braveness but also solidarity, as you can see the excellent teamwork of the kitties. Now if you are ready for the great Adventure of StrikeForce Kitty, let’s make your entrance! Have fun!

StrikeForce Kitty Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the kitties.

StrikeForce Kitty - How to play

Control of StrikeForce Kitty

Tips and tricks:

If you want to add some clues to your Adventure, you can watch the Walkthrough video.

You can play the game as many time as you can without fear of being banned for losing too many times.