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Strike Force Heroes 3


Welcome to Strike Force Heroes 3, a cool Online Side-Scrolling Platform Third Person Shooter video game which is developed by Sky9 Games. This is the season 3 of Strike Force Heroes. The game was released on June 24, 2015. This is the largest version of Strike Force Heroes series and it has a lot of changes. Play to experience the coolest features!

About game:

The context of the game is 1 year after the events in Strike Force Heroes 2. After the heroes defeated the GlobeX organization and killed all their cloned army, the scientists took over GlobeX. They have research to reprogram veterans: Jyn, Dex, Nathan and Tower. However, there were big mistakes and Wesley (the only character not captured by the GlobeX organization) received a warning about another military clone war. Sadly, the enemy's commanders are his old comrades. Wesley became the commander of the unit. He recruits new soldiers with the aim of destroying the army of clones. New members are Sanchez and Gunslinger.

After the efforts of the heroes, the clone army was defeated. But GlobeX has not been wiped out and no one knows the leader of this organization. At a secret base in South America, the former chief of GlobeX sent a message to Wesley. He said that Wesley tried to kill him the year before but now he is still alive. And he needs Wesley's help to destroy "GlobeX".

Similar to the previous two seasons, Strike Force Heroes 3 is an awesome platform shooter video game with beautiful 2D graphics. During the Campaign, you have more than 60 missions to conquer. Try to complete each mission to get valuable rewards. These rewards are new weapons, recipes to create powerful guns, money, or new heroes.

Now I will talk about interesting changes in this game. To join a mission, select 4 characters and a captain. The captain has + 15% all stats. At the beginning of the game, you only have one character but you will unlock new characters by completing the missions. You can change heroes to match your tactics before entering a battlefield. Note that heroes who fight too much will become tired:

  • TIRED – They fought consecutively in too many battles and they became tired. Their stats were -20%.
  • INJURED – They are tired of fighting and they are injured. All their stats -50%.
  • CRITICAL – They were injured but still had to continue fighting. This is critical and it reduces 99% stats of characters.

The best way to treat a hero is to give them a day to rest after every battle. After each day, your characters will have experience and level up.

Game mode is a unique feature in this shooting game. You have a total of 7 different battle modes, they are:

  • Team Deathmatch – There are two teams in this mode. When the time is over, the team with the most kills will win.
  •  Deathmatch – You will fight alone. Everyone on the battlefield is your enemy. The hero who gets the required number of kills will win.
  •  Capture the Flag - Each team has a flag to protect. When a soldier holds the flag, he cannot use a weapon.
  • Domination - There are three important positions on the battlefield. Try to control them all.
  • One Man Army - Similar to "Juggernaut" during the previous seasons.
  • Gun Game – You will start with a weak weapon and after scoring points, you will get better weapons.
  • Team Gun Game – Similar to Gun Game, but you will be in teams with up to 5 soldiers. When a member kills an enemy, all members of the team will receive new weapons.

Money is very important in Strike Force Heroes 3 and you will have it after completing the battle. With money, you can buy new weapons, upgrade existing weapons, recruit new heroes, or spin Slot Machines in the Shop. There are a total of 60 different recipes in the game. When you get a recipe, go to the workshop to create the corresponding weapon. This weapon will then appear in the Shop or Slot Machine. Note that when upgrading weapons, it may fail. The maximum level for your soldiers is 30, but the weapon can go to level 31. To use level 31 weapons, upgrade weapons in the workshop.

If you don't know about Killstreak, it's a possibility that you can activate after killing multiple enemies. Each class can use two killstreaks. Killstreak has many types like Attack and Defense. When you can use Killstreak, just save it in emergencies. But be careful because AIs will use Killstreak as soon as they can.

The battlefields in SFH3 are all old maps from the previous two seasons. However, there are 9 different classes in this game. Each class uses different weapons:

  • Engineer - Assault Rifles and Explosives are their weapons.
  • Gunslinger - Duals and Snipers are their weapons. They have the skills to support teammates.
  • Medic - Assault Rifles and Machine Guns are their weapons. They can treat teammates.
  • Juggernaut - Shotguns and Elementals are their weapons. They can cause great damage.
  • Mercenary - Machine Guns and Explosives are their weapons.
  • Sniper - Snipers and Experimentals are their weapons. They can deal great damage to a single target from a distance.
  • Ninja - Duals and Shotguns are their weapons. They can become invisible in some conditions and they are highly mobile.
  • Elite - Elementals and Experimentals are their weapons. They can cause bad states on enemies.
  • Knight - Melee exclusively is their weapon. Their survival ability is very high.

Many weapons (guns) have been added in Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked. They have a steady increase in stats from level 0 to level 30. The perfect weapon will be renamed to “Custom”. This is your ultimate goal if you want to own the most powerful weapon in this game.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, R or right click to reload, Q or Shift to switch weapons, E or Ctrl for a killstreak, and Mouse to attack.

Strike Force Heroes 3 - How to play

Control of Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • When you upgrade a weapon, the chance of failure depends on the level of the weapon.
  • The maximum level for heroes is 30, but the maximum level of weapons is 31.
  • To have a level 31 weapon, upgrade it in the workshop.
  • On the stats screen, you can see DPS (Damage Per Second). Damage changed to Impact.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to save Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked?

You can type %appdata% in your computer search. When it opens, just click Roaming -> Macromedia -> Flash. Now choose the folder of the site where you think Strike Force Heroes is saved. 

If you play this game on Google Chrome, the local save location is

C:Users{UserName}AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultPepper DataShockwave FlashWritableRoot#SharedObjects

If you play online and log in with an account, the game will automatically save for you.

2. How to change heroes look?

There are many options to customize your soldier's appearance. Most of them are located in "Appearance" screen. You can also change the skin of the character. However, this feature is only available in free-for-all Quick Matches.

3. How to get the sky9 iron?

The Club is a blade secondary weapon in the game. Please upgrade continuously until it reaches Custom quality. The custom version of the Club is Sky9 Iron.

4. How to beat the developers?

Please complete the final achievement in the game.

5. How to unlock a ninja?

Complete the Ninja Nights mission.

6. How to get custom weapons?

Upgrade weapons you have. Any weapon can achieve the Custom version by upgrading to the final level.

7. How to level up fast?

Complete all the missions in the game. They will give you lots of experience points

8. How to get knight?

Click the 'New Knight Hero!' button in the missions tab on the screen!

Strike Force Heroes 3 Walkthrough