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Strike Force Heroes 2


Welcome to Strike Force Heroes 2, a cool Online Side-Scrolling Platform Third Person Shooter video game which is developed by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva. This is the season 2 of Strike Force Heroes. This free shooting game was released on March 21, 2013. Once again, you will participate in fierce battles on many different battlefields! However, this time you will control a man named Mick, he is an astronaut!

About game:

Strike Force Heroes 2's context begins with a space station. Astronauts need to repair backup generators. A man named Mick has been sent to the space station and you will control him. When you meet Houston, your commander, you are ambushed by a mysterious force. The game starts at the Heroes base when you join Strike Force Heroes. You will participate in a training course. Later, Nathan announces that you will join a real fight. Through many battles, your ultimate enemy is GlobeX Leader. With a lot of efforts and advanced weapons, you can kill him!

Similar to the 1st season, you will control your character with a third-person perspective and you have a lot of weapons to use. You will also fight in many different battlefields. Strike Force Heroes 2 has some new maps, they are Base, Convoy, Convoy (Night,) Mansion, Mansion (Dusk), Mansion (Lab), Market, Market (Day), Factory, and Isolation. Special maps are Construction Bay and Mech. Note that each battlefield may have different environmental effects. That could be jump pads or mysterious dangers!

In SFH 2, you have 5 classes to play. Each class has its own characteristics, looks, skills, and weapons. The following is information about the classes in the game:

  • Engineers - They have balanced stats. They create great fighting machines.
  • Mercenary – They use special skills. This is an interesting class and you should experience it.
  • General - They are noble men. They have skills that are beneficial to the group. They are very reliable teammates!
  • Sniper – They use sniper guns to fight. Their sniping skills are very strong with all enemies. Killstreak supports their sniping skills. When you upgrade sniper, they can destroy the target in just one shot.
  • Juggernaut – They are experts in short range combat. The skills that Juggernaut possesses bring more defenses.

Now, I will tell you about the military weaponry in SFH 2. You will see old weapons from Strike Force Heroes 1, but you will also be happy for new weapons. Strike Force Heroes 2 weapon system has many changes compared to the season 1. Each weapon has its own stats, based on their level. Two weapons of the same type may have different stats. For example, you can buy two ACRs. However, an ACR will have better damage and range while the remaining ACR has better firing rate and accuracy. Try to upgrade weapons because high-level weapons will have better stats than low-level weapons. For example, when you use the M4A4 level 20, you will see it is much more powerful than M4A4 that is created from the Engineer class.

BOT is artificial intelligence (AI). They were created to make the game more fun. All the enemies you face in this video game are AIs. They use the same strategy and they want to kill you. Note that they can use weapons at all levels. The intelligence and efficiency of AIs depend on their level. For example, a level 1 AI will not move much, and it has low accuracy. A level 50 AI will move continuously and it will only stop when it reaches a certain goal. The accuracy of AI level 50 is much higher than AI level 1.

It would be an omission if I did not mention the Challenge mode in Strike Force Heroes 2. This mode gives you the most difficult tasks in the game. SFH 2 has a total of 15 missions in Challenge mode and you can choose the difficulty level for each mission: Normal, Hard or Insane. To complete a mission, you must have specific strategies and fight effectively. Campaign is also a great mode in the game. It has 15 missions and it helps you understand the game plot. You will meet old enemies, but this time you can control new characters. Similar to the Challenge mode, you have 3 difficulty levels to select in Campaign. Good luck and have fun!

Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:     

You use W/ A/ S/ D or Arrow Keys to move, W or Up or Space to jump, Q or SHIFT to change weapon, and Mouse to aim and shoot.

Strike Force Heroes 2 - How to play

Control of Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • When you fight in the battlefield with many bad environmental effects, choose Juggernaut with High Resistance.
  • When you complete a mission in Campaign with a difficulty level of High, the difficulty levels below will automatically be completed.
  • If you watch the video walkthrough, you will know how to pass difficult missions in this game.
  • This game for PC will give you a great experience if you play it in full screen mode.
  • When you want to buy a weapon in the Shop, pay attention to its stats!
  • If you want to learn more about this game, go to its Wiki page to find the information you need. There will be lots of useful and complete information for you.
  • Next season to enjoy: Season 3.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to save the game?

You can type %appdata% in your computer search. When it opens, just click Roaming -> Macromedia -> Flash. Now choose the folder of the site where you think Strike Force Heroes is saved. 

If you play this game on Google Chrome, the local save location is

C:Users{UserName}AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultPepper DataShockwave FlashWritableRoot#SharedObjects

If you play online and log in with an account, the game will automatically save for you.

2. How to start a new game?

You can select the New Game button and select a new save location. Or you can delete the old save!

3. How to get magic wand?

You can get the Magic Wand secret weapon in Gun Game Mode or via Fiesta tool. It can also be obtained in inventory for the General Class.

4. How to get ban hammer?

This is a special weapon and it is extremely powerful. You can use the Fiesta tool to get it. Mike used ban hammer as a great melee weapon in Bigger and Badder.

5. How to improve weapon quality?

Strike Force Heroes 2 brings you over 80 weapons with 13 different types, from pistols, rifles to rocket launchers and grenades. You can use two different weapons at the same time, one primary weapon and one secondary weapon. When you level up, your weapon will also level up.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Walkthrough