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Strike Force Heroes


Welcome to Strike Force Heroes which is developed by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva. This is a great Side-Scrolling Platform Third Person Shooter video game. This great video game was announced by Justin Goncalves on February 27th. With an interesting RPG element, you will control a soldier and take part in two modes: Campaign and Challenge. Each mode has different missions and you must use many different weapons to kill enemies and complete your missions. With great storyline, beautiful graphics, and impressive effects, the game will definitely make you satisfied.

About game:

In Strike Force Heroes, you are a soldier of a task force. The context of the game starts from a secret base in the Pacific. This facility was attacked and everyone here died, the only survivor was a scientist. During the war, the scientist was rescued by an unknown soldier. You will control this Unknown Soldier with a third-person perspective. Your mission is to use whatever weapon you can and kill the organization that is attacking you!

Two weeks earlier, the soldier and his team were attacked when they were on a flight across the Pacific. The soldier did not know who his enemy was and he was lucky to escape death. Later, he realized that he was on an island. A scientist named Shadow helped this soldier (this soldier is the main character). The soldier is taken to a secret facility and you will control him. Shadow says that a neurotoxin has changed the personality of your teammates. And Shadow also says that your enemy is the Globex organization.

You will fight Globex on various battlefields. Shadow has treated some soldiers and they will assist you. You will fight many paratroopers in Globex organization. Globex leader is the boss in the game and he will stop you. Don't worry, use the strongest weapons you have to fight. You can defeat him with much effort!

The most interesting and unique point in this game is military weaponry. You can use many different weapons to fight enemies. Some of the weapons that the game offers are Golden Gun, MP5, AKS 74, Desert Eagle, Beretta, Striker, Javelin, Minigun, Katana, and Famas. In Strike Force Heroes, from the moment you enter the game, you can use a lot of weapons. This makes the game exciting for everyone because it's quite fair. Note that guns have stats and they affect accuracy. If you move and shoot continuously, the accuracy of the weapon will decrease. When you bend down, your weapon will have the highest accuracy. But when you fight in this position, you will be in more danger because the enemy can aim at you easily. You can also crawl on the ground while bending down, but you will move at a very slow speed and you cannot jump.

Strike Force Heroes has a very diverse Class system. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses. No class is the strongest and no one is the weakest. There are a total of four classes that you can select:

  • Medic - their weapons are rifles. This is a class that has balanced stats. They can treat their teammates.
  • Assassin - their weapons are sniper rifles and melee weapons. They are very strong and accurate, but they have very little HP. They can use smoke bombs to become invisible.
  • Commando - Their weapons are machine guns and explosives. They have the most bullets of all classes. They have many skills in attack, tear gas, and mines on the battlefield.
  • Tank - Their weapons are hunting guns and shields. They have the most HP, and they have very dangerous weapons. They are highly resistant to damage.

Classes in Strike Force Heroes

Classes in Strike Force Heroes

Next, you need to pay attention to the battlefield system. Those are the maps where you will fight with the enemy. In addition to the basic maps, you can play in 3 special maps. These special maps appear only in certain conditions, they are Dropship, The Nuke, and The Nuke (Dawn).

If you play in Campaign mode, you will be introduced to the game's plot. You will know the purpose of the Globex and the reason why the heroes of Strike Force want to destroy this organization. Strike Force Heroes' story begins and ends with a scientist named Shadow. During the game, you will face soldiers who are infected with the virus, or you can call them zombies. Campaign is also a mode to introduce you to Strike Force Heroes 2, the sequel to this game.

If you play in Challenge mode, you should be an experienced player. This is a difficult level in Strike Force Heroes. It has no time pressure, but it gives you the most difficult missions. But Challenge is a great place if you want to earn experience and level up.

Whether you play in Campaign mode or Challenge mode, you need to move skillfully and kill the enemy as fast as you can. In this free online multiplayer video game, you need to pick up the strongest weapons on the map and upgrade your character to kill the enemy and complete all secret achievements. Don't forget to turn on the sound and play Strike Force Heroes in full screen mode to enjoy its music and pictures. If you can't pass a mission, check out our video game walkthrough. Good luck and have fun!

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move, W or Up or Space to jump, Q or SHIFT to change weapon, and Mouse to aim and shoot.

Strike Force Heroes - How to play

Control of Strike Force Heroes Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

If you want your weapon to reach maximum accuracy, bend down and do not move. However, you will be immobile and very easily attacked.

Upgrade weapons as soon as you can and try to unlock all the achievements in the game.

Think about your ability before choosing a class. Each class uses different weapons and they have different stats. If you want a character with powerful weapons, use Tank class.

Try season 2 after enjoying the first season: Strike Force Heroes 2.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to save the game?

You can type  in your computer search. When it opens, just click Roaming -> Macromedia -> Flash. Now choose the folder of the site where you think Strike Force Heroes is saved. 

If you play this game on Google Chrome, the local save location is

If you play online and log in with an account, the game will automatically save for you.

  • How to start a new game?

You can select the New Game button and select a new save location. Or you can delete the old save!

  • How to get all achievements?

You cannot do this with just a few simple steps. You must complete each achievement. You can refer to how to complete the achievements here!

Strike Force Heroes Walkthrough