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Sticky Ninja Missions

About the Game:

In Sticky Ninja Missions Unblocked, you will become a young Ninja who just graduated and now looking for a job in order to pay off his student debts. And as a Ninja who is living in the city that full of criminals and punks, fighting against them to collect bounty money is the best choice!

Sticky Ninja Missions Unblocked is an extraordinary Platform game that will take your breath away in just the first few minutes playing this game. As a Ninja, the player could jump to walls and ceilings or any platforms and observe the enemies from there before making a move on them. Note that in Sticky Ninja Missions Unblocked, every single move that you make is counted because at the end of every mission, the number of the movement that you’ve made will decide which badge you will receive (Gold, Silver or Bronze).

There is a total of 08 Days in this game, each day contains 05 missions that you will need to complete and the further you’ve made, the more challenge you will face. This game is free of charge on and compatible with all modern browsers, also downloadable for Android devices via Google Play Store too!

Sticky Ninja Missions Unblocked:

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How to play:     

  • Use your Left mouse button to click and hold on the character.
  • Drag your mouse to aim to the desired destination and release the Left mouse button to make a move.

Sticky Ninja Missions - How to play

Control of Sticky Ninja Missions

Tips and tricks:

  • Make sure to count your movement because if you could complete your mission with the minimum movement, there is a higher chance that you could get a Gold badge!
  • Once the ninja has jumped to the wall, ceiling or other kind platforms, he will stick to that particular platform and he won’t fall out.

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Sticky Ninja Missions Walkthrough